How to prevent corrosion and wear of the crusherSeptember 27, 2018

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

How to prevent corrosion and wear of the crusher

During the process of using the crusher, the metal surface is also affected by friction or impact while being chemically and electrochemically affected by the surrounding medium. These effects make the destruction of the whole machine known as decay wear.

Corrosion wear brings great persecution to the crusher equipment. It is quite serious for the destruction of the equipment. Every year, a large number of metals are scrapped due to corrosion and wear, resulting in a huge loss. The persecution of decay and wear is not only the loss of the whole machine, but more serious is the destruction of the layout of the equipment of the crusher. In the production, the waste and equipment are disordered. Such wear and tear occasionally limits the possibility of adopting new technology and new equipment. It is inevitable economic significance to study corrosion and wear and avoid corrosion.

Corrosion wear of metal is divided into two situations according to the principle of corruption. First, electrochemical corrosion is caused by the effect of electrolyte induction, and some current occurs. Second, chemical corrosion is caused by dry gas or non-conductive liquid medium. The result. The rate of metal destruction caused by electrochemical corrosion is relatively fast, and the signs of severe damage caused by corrosion wear are mostly formed by electrochemical corrosion, and the rate of destruction of metal by chemical corrosion is relatively slow.

In order to avoid corrosion and wear, various new processes and methods have been presented in recent years, such as the adoption of anti-corrosion alloys and stainless steels as materials for the whole machine, and the use of carbon-based products as corrosion-resistant materials is even better. In terms of economic and technical concepts, it is often adopted to increase the gold or non-metallic protective layer on the surface of the machine, such as hot dip, electroplating or metal spraying, such as zinc, chromium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, The metal materials such as lead are coated on the metal surface or coated with paint (paint, varnish, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, white wax solution, etc.) on the surface of the machine as an anti-corrosion layer. Powder content

First, the equipment of the rupture machine can adopt the method of airtight dust removal by a closed dust source to end the dust removal. Because the process is simple and the mechanization level is high, long-distance control can be adopted, which further reduces and eliminates the opportunity for the homework staff to fight dust.

Second, transport dust removal, vehicle dust during open-pit mine transportation is an important dust source for open pit mines. The dust-proof steps of Fangda Industrial Transportation are important: watering the ore before loading, spraying assembly at the unloading site; enhancing road protection and reducing the amount of mining during transportation; important transportation routes should adopt asphalt or concrete pavement; Mechanized sprinklers often sprinkle water on the road surface or add humectants to the water to improve the dust-proof consequences. The sprinkler can also be sprayed with a dust suppressant to reduce dust. The important components of the dust suppressant are moisture absorbing agent and polymer adhesive, which can absorb moisture and form a dustproof layer, and can also improve the road quality.

Third, for the operator, pay attention to individual protection. After adopting the dust-proof and dust-proof steps in the production processes in the mine, the dust concentration can be reduced below the demarcation scale, but a large number of fine mineral dusts are suspended in the atmosphere, especially if other individuals cannot reach the demarcation scale. Therefore, enhancing personal protection is an important aspect of the comprehensive dust prevention pace. Personal protective equipment to avoid dust persecution is called respiratory organ protection (referred to as breathing apparatus). Breathing appliances can be divided into three categories: clean air, air-permeable, and self-contained breathing apparatus. Dust masks are the most widely used breathing apparatus for mine workers. They are simple and duplex.

The rupture machine is important for various stone materials to end the rupture homework, and is divided into many models according to the division of the ruling and the divergence of the product particles. Many electric equipments in modern oil production are actively activated and actively terminated due to changes in process parameters (such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, concentration, material level, etc.).

The rupture machine is equipped with a leaching device to seal the material layer, which must have a certain thickness. The leacher feeding the auger under the two material level controller can be used to end the leaching device when the material reaches the low position. Auger; when the material reaches a high level, the leaching device feeds the auger actively. If permitted, keep the material in the material seal between the high level feeders.