Raymond Mill Common Faults and Related SolutionsMay 16, 2017

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

In the grinding process of Raymond mill , the machine will have faults for it will grind hard materials or the machine itself has problems. For these common faults, this article will give the related solutions and we do hope these will be useful.

Raymond Mill Common Faults and Related Solutions

Raymond mill has serious vibration. It has the following reasons which will cause the machine vibration: it is not parallel with the horizontal plane when the machine is installed; foundation bolts are not tightened; material layer is too thin; oversize feeding material. For these reasons, the experts provide the related solutions: reinstall the machine to ensure it will be parallel with horizontal plane; tighten the foundation bolts; increasing feeding materials; crushed the large feeding materials and then send them into Raymond mill.

Raymond mill has low discharging powder amount or has no powder. It is because: the cyclone collector¡¯s locking powder system is not close and it will cause powder breath; Raymond mill shovel blade is worn seriously and the materials cannot be thrown to the air; air flue is blocked; pipeline has air leakage. The solutions: fix the cyclone collector and make the locking powder can work; change the blade; clean the air flue; block the pipeline leakage place.

Final end products are too coarse or too thin. The reasons include: classifier vane is worn seriously and it cannot play classifying function and it will make the final products too coarse; the grinding production system exhaust fan do not has the suitable air volume. To solve these: change the classifier vane or change the classifier; reduce the air volume or increase the air volume.

It has loud host noise. It is because: feeding material amount is small, blade is worn seriously, foundation bolts are loose; materials are too hard; grinding roller, grinding ring is out of shape. The related solutions: increasing the feeding material amount, increasing the material thickness, change the blade, tighten the foundation bolts; remove the hard materials and change the grinding roller and grinding ring.