Barite Exploration Machine in Nigeria

Approximately, 90% barite produced worldwide is used for oil and gas drilling as weighing agent in drilling mud because of its unique physical and chemical properties and magnetic neutrality. It is also used as a feedstock for barium chemicals production, and as a filler, extender and aggregate. Nigeria is one of the leading producers and exporters of barite in the world. To make full use of the barite, it is very necessary to choose the suitable and reliable mining machine supplier.

Barite Exploration Machine

The fundamental goal for the design of a barite exploration machine plant in Nigeria is an installation that meets the required production requirements, operates at competitive cost, complies with today’s tough environmental regulations, and can be built at a reasonable price despite the rising costs of equipment, energy and construction labor.


A new, advanced active setting control for barite exploration machine in Nigeria is now available. The new system acts as a setting adjustment system and releases the crusher cavity to open in the event of hitting non-crushable, oversized material. The new protective system adds greatly to crusher availability, especially in recycling applications.

The active control system is based on three hydraulic cylinders and an ultrasonic sensor attached to the rear of the crusher. In cases where non-crushable material like a piece of iron enters the crusher cavity and generates a high pressure, the relief valve is opened and releases the hydraulic oil from the cylinders.

As a result, the crusher cavity opens and the non-crushable material will fall out of the crusher. After opening, the ultrasonic sensor returns the closed-side setting automatically to the preset, original value.

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