Brief introduction of bentonite crusher

Brief introduction of bentonite crusher

Bentonite can also be called bentonite and bentonite. The main mineral component is montmorillonite, which has the characteristics of adsorption, swelling and pulping. It is widely used in papermaking, prevention, agriculture, light industry, etc. Bentonite The crusher is used for the crushing operation of bentonite. The equipment is developed by SBM machine according to the nature of bentonite. The crushing of bentonite is very strong and has been strongly supported by the majority of users. The following bentonite is broken for our company. A brief introduction to the relevant content of the machine.


Bentonite crusher structure

The bentonite crusher has a simple structure, which is mainly composed of wheels, frames, eccentric shafts, moving jaws, fixed boring, large pulleys, brackets, bracket rear seats, fixed rafts, movable rafts, etc., equipment operation and maintenance. It is also very convenient and can reduce the downtime of equipment during maintenance.


Bentonite crusher performance advantages

SBM machine This bentonite crusher adopts vertical structure, simple internal structure, small size and light weight. The corresponding equipment covers a very small area, and the maintenance is also more convenient and quick, shortening the equipment during maintenance. Downtime, to a certain extent, also reduced a large portion of infrastructure funding.

a, the crushing chamber is deep and there is no dead zone, and the amount of bentonite treated is also very large, and there will be no clogging problem during the processing, and it can run smoothly;

b. Advanced crushing principle and technical parameters make the bentonite finished product with uniform particle size, excellent particle shape and very large cube content, meeting the construction requirements of various enterprises;

c. The important parts are processed with high-end wear-resistant materials, so that the equipment has superior wear resistance and impact resistance, and the friction during the working process is very small, and the service life of the equipment is also prolonged;

d. There is no dust and noise at the construction site, which improves the construction environment of the processing plant, reduces the harm caused by environmental pollution, and truly plays a role in protecting the environment.

Under the premise of ensuring the quality of bentonite jaw crusher, the price of this equipment is also more economical. The reason why the price is affordable is that our SBM machine is a self-produced bentonite crusher manufacturer. The production and sales of the equipment can be independent. The completion of the process, and the process of selling equipment does not exist in the middle of the phenomenon of the difference between the middlemen, the corresponding equipment sales cost is low, the price is more economical, it is about 50,000 yuan lower than other manufacturers; The equipment is a hot product of our company. In order to increase the sales volume of the equipment, the products are sold in the form of volume. The market price and ex-factory price of the equipment are the same, which is very suitable for those who do not have sufficient funds.


Bentonite crusher use precautions

The above introduces the relevant content of SBM machine bentonite crusher. If you need to know other aspects, please click on the online consultation on the right side. In addition, our company also produces other mining equipment, and there are many types and models. Welcome to buy.

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