Cone Crusher Working Principle

With the rapid development of industry, more and more investors pay attention to the quality of produced products. With its high crushing efficiency and large capacity, cone crusher draw more and more attention among customers. In this article, we mainly talk about factors affect the economic performance of cone crusher through analyzing its working principle.

Cone Crusher Working Principle

The crushing process of cone crusher is finished through the fixed cone and movable cone. While working, the motor drives transmission shaft through V-belt and pulley and transmission shaft drives the eccentric bushing rotates through gear and small gear. Then under the function of eccentric bushing, the main axle produces eccentricity and gyrates, making the mantle moves back and forth to the concaves. In this process, raw materials in the crushing cavity are squeezed, fractured and impacted. After this, the crushed raw materials fall and discharged from the discharge opening.

Factors Affect Cone Crusher Performance

By analyzing the working principle of cone crusher, we can see that there are several factors affect cone crusher performance, such as the design of crushing cavity, the specification of cone crusher, the rotation stroke of cone crusher and so on.

The crushing cavity of cone crusher is formed by mantle and concaves. The design of crushing cavity plays important role in the technical and economy indexes of cone crusher, such as the production rate, the energy consumption, and final products size and shape, wear degree of mantle and concaves and so on.

The working parameter of cone crusher directly affects the movement characteristics of bulk materials in the crushing cavity. The main representation is that the effect of rotation speed of main axle on the movement state of bulk materials, furthermore affect the working performance of cone crusher (crushing efficiency and final products particle size distribution etc.).

The oscillation stroke of crushing cavity has great influence on the economic performance of cone crusher. When the oscillation stroke increases, the actual reduction ratio of each crushing layer in the crushing cavity will also increase, the quality of final products will improve. When the oscillation stroke decreases, the actual reduction ratio of each crushing layer in crushing cavity will also decrease, the quality of final products will deteriorate.

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