New Construction Waste Mobile Crusher

One day may be able to digest the movement of 800 tons of crusher construction waste can digest gravel directly to the brickwork as raw materials for the production of bricks and other building materials.

Shanghai SBM research and development of new equipment for the disposal of the independent – mobile crushing plant works. Transformation of urban construction in accordance with the potential 26.6 million tons of construction waste, building mobile crusher misses a day digesting 800 tons of waste estimated 100 construction waste crusher mobile can be less than one year, digest all the buildings in the trash.

Each year, construction materials, according to rough estimates of the loss, removal of 10,000 square meters for each old building will produce 12,000 tons of construction waste 7000, this is the urban transformation of the building each year a mountain garbage. The use of construction waste, and save a lot of resources each year.

In a building of 10 meters long garbage grinder is running. Of all shapes and sizes of brick waste enters the plant in the mud after grinding process, the output becomes the size of sand particles of uniform stone. In the scene, after the machine has processed the waste mixture of brick and cement, after breaking into the gravel, which can be used as raw material for the production of bricks.

Once you can effectively promote the use of waste mobile crusher building built save resources efficiently to solve the thousands of tons of waste pollution of city building, and improving the living environment.

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