How to deal with and recycle construction waste

In recent years, the world of environmental sanitation in our country has made great progress. The level of garbage treatment in cities and towns has increased significantly, and the phenomenon of rubbish enveloping the city has eased. However, there are still some problems. The input of garbage disposal equipment is obviously insufficient compared with the demand of garbage disposal equipment. In particular, the level of construction waste crusher is still very low. The construction waste disposal in cities is still in the process of development.

There are many substances contained in construction waste. We have found that many of these substances can be reused as recycled aggregates after they have been sorted, removed, or broken by our construction waste disposal facilities. It is understood that natural aggregates absorb water. Less than recycled aggregate, the storage coefficient of recycled aggregate of construction waste is more than twice that of natural aggregate. In this regard, the characteristics of building recycled aggregate aggregates are in full compliance with the current requirements for the construction of some sponge cities in China. We should give full play to the advantages of recycled aggregates and use construction waste processing equipment to produce and process water storage materials used in sponge cities so as to ease the discharge pressure of urban sewers and reduce urban floods.
In the process of building garbage disposal facilities, we must insist on comprehensive utilization, so that we can not only help cities dispose of rubbish, but also enable these substances to be reused, enhance its value, and realize “magnificent turns”. As a result, we must rely on the power of mobile crushing stations.
SBM Machinery has been in the abyss crushing and screening industry for 17 years, and has been fully aware of the market’s needs. Through the joint efforts of the R&D team, SBM Machinery has withdrawn from both fixed and mobile construction waste treatment equipment to meet customers’ different locations and different types of operations. Demand. This equipment can process building waste, industrial waste, coal slag, coal rock, slag, fly ash, building materials, non-metal solid waste and other wastes, processed by the solid waste application process, and produce various types of new building materials that meet the quality inspection specification. According to the different equipment configuration, the effective utilization of construction waste can reach 80%-100%, no secondary pollution, can achieve nearly zero pollution, zero emissions of the ideal environmental effects. Nowadays, the reuse of construction waste has been strongly supported by the government and enterprises. All parts of the country have paid great attention to the recycling of construction waste. The construction waste treatment equipment introduced by SBM Machinery will take a big step forward to the actual situation. This research contributes to the thorough clean-up and reuse of construction waste, thereby promoting the healthy development of the environment.

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