Lean Ore Cone Crusher

In addition to some high-grade ore and gangue minerals, especially coal contains a lot of lean ore extracted from the mine. Because of the complex structure of a low mineral content, it is difficult to extract the metal from directly. Thus, energy consumption and costs are very high. In order to develop and utilize lean ore in a more economical way to expand the mineral resource, ore gangue to pass through a portion of the separation and enrichment of the melt, before leaving, and can be used as metallurgical requirements.

There enrichment process in two stages: the first dissociation. It was a big crush and grind the ore and the data obtained from the mineral ore particles are useful; both are sorted according to their physical and chemical properties, these particles are divided into different groups. Because most of the gangue minerals in the natural symbiosis are closely linked, and often with embedded microparticles. We can not, without prior isolation, although they are very different from each other in their nature, these components must be sorted. Dissociation and sorting is a prerequisite for any control method. The purpose of crushing and milling the complete separation of valuable minerals from the ore.

Fragmentation means that the small bumps. Each mineral extracted in this process. If the particle size of the product is not low enough, minerals and ores are not really separate. If too thin, deeply divided, but screening is not going so well. Because each method has its bottom can handle particle size screening. For example, the following process may flotation 5 ~ 10 micron particle, and magnetic Won-19μm or less. At this time, we do not make a good recovery. The main task of crushing and grinding particles are super good screening gives dissociation and good size. Particles and screening methods should be noted. If the methods and tools are not suitable or no production deal with it very suppressed, dissociation or bad, it shows the skills and techniques are not good enough for mineral discovery.

In the crushing and grinding accounted for the largest portion of the cost of the investment and operating costs, energy consumption, steel consumption. Thus, the selection of crushing and grinding machines and the management may decide to calculate the survival of plants. Shanghai SBM did a good job Crushing and milling machines. It comes with a PE-1200 × 1500 jaw crusher can meet most requirements of coarse crushing. There are plenty of spring cone crusher cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, cone crusher and other models can be generally divided choice. At the same time, there is a wide range of grinding machines: S ultrafine mill, MTW series trapezium mill, vertical mill and LM.

To summarize, the main problems that interfere Crushing and grinding plant. So everything has to be taken seriously crushing and grinding, to take care of the use of the equipment. Most importantly, reduce costs, and grinding with the same technical characteristics and grind revenue.

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