mica powder making machine

Mica particle or mica powder materials have wide application. In nature, the mica exists in the large scale size. It needs the crusher and grinding mill to process the mica materials into small size or fine powder for further application.

Mica Application

Mica is wide application used in building materials industry, firefighting, fire extinguishing agent, welding electrode, plastic, electrical insulating paper, paper making, asphalt, rubber, pearl pigment chemical industry, etc. Ultrafine mica powder is used for plastic, paint, paint, rubber, such as the functional filler, and it can improve the mechanical strength, strengthened toughness, anti-aging adhesion and corrosion resistance, etc.

Mica Crusher Price

Mica crusher is the primary crushing machine used in the processing plant. When clients choose the mica mining machine, the equipment price is the big reason for their choice. Depending on customers’ requirements, SBM’s mica jaw crusher machine has reasonable price compared with the other crushing machines.

SBM’s mica jaw crusher machine will achieve an even higher standard, both in industry-leading productivity and uptime availability. This crushing machine can provide versatile solution for the mica production line. It can help clients to optimize the productivity.

Vertical Roller Mill Used in Mica Powder Making Plant

In mica processing plant, the crushing stage is after the grinding process. Vertical roller mill is the main machine used in mica processing plant for sale. Mica vertical roller mill is such a machine which adopts the large roller pressure system to realize mass grinding results. Compared with the common grinding mill, it is becoming larger and automation of the operation.

Vertical roller mill adopts the cyclone dust collector to collect the products. This can reduce the working system’s pressure and the amount of gas through the dust collector.

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