Rutile Crushing Machine

As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, SBM is able to offer all-round mining solutions for our honored customers according to their practical situations and particular requirements. Choose SBM, because we can give you customer-built solutions for your quarrying activities. Days ago, several customers inquired SBM whether we have any type of rutile mining machine for sale. Of course, our rutile mining machine ranges from crushing machine to extraction equipment. Here we focus on more details of our rutile crushing machine.

Market Analysis of Rutile

Rutile is a mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide, TiO2. Among all types of mineral,rutile has among the highest refractive indices of any known mineral and also exhibits high dispersion. Natural rutile may contain up to 10% iron and significant amounts of niobium and tantalum. According to a recent report, rutile is a common accessory mineral in high-temperature and high-pressure metamorphic rocks and in igneous rocks. In the modern industry, the rutile is often used as the raw material of iron steel. Of cousre, those iron steel contained rutile has a high price and cost, but, the quality is absolutely higher than other types of iron steel. Currently, with the rapid development of iron industry, it surges the great demand for rutile as raw material. It is no wonder that more and more customers purchase rutile crushing machine from China.

Rutile Crushing Machine

In the rutile processing line, rutile crushing machine performs as the core mining machine. As for the rutile crushing machine, it refers to the crushing equipment used for turning large rutile stones into small rutile particles. Todays, the VSI crushers made by SBM have been proved as a high efficiency rutile crushing machine. This type of tutile crushing machine integrates many patents and three crushing methods, functioning as a new and high efficiency crusher. The adoption of deep chamber makes the throughput of materials increase by about 30%. In addition, the direction of side plate can be adjusted upside down after it’s partially damaged, which will be able to bump up material using rate and prolong life span by more than 48%. Besides, the core abrasion-resistant material is high degree wear-resistant and temperature-resistant material. Therefore, the deep rotor VSI crusher can significantly improve the crushing efficiency. Besides, the operation cost will greatly be reduced.

Rutile Stone Crushing Production Line

The hardness of rutile stone is about 7, therefore, when crushing rutile stone, it can be divided into two crushing stages, coarse crushing and secondary crushing. Experts from SBM design a high-efficiency way to reduce the operation time for the rutile stone quarry. Here are the main machines used in the rutile stone crushing production line:

  1. vibrating feeder + jaw crusher(for coarse crushing) + VSI crusher(for secondary crushing) + Vibrating screen + belt conveyor + control system
  2. vibrating feeder + jaw crusher(coarse crushing) + impact crusher (for secondary crushing) + vibrating screen + belt conveyor +control system
  3. vibrating feeder + primary jaw crusher + cone crusher ( for secondary crushing) + vibrating screen + belt conveyor + control system

If you need further information on our rutile crushing machine, you can contact our online mining engineers, who will offer professional suggestions and solutions for your rutile mining business. SBM is your reliable friend in the mining industry!

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