SBM Construction Waste Treatment Equipment Promotes the Developmen

SBM Construction Waste Treatment Equipment Promotes the Development of Xi’an City Environmental Protection Industry

With the development of China’s economy and the implementation of the sustainable development strategy, the development of environmental protection industries and the improvement of the comprehensive utilization of resources have received the attention of various departments. In recent years, the modernization of Chinese cities and the acceleration of urbanization in rural areas have resulted in an increase in the amount of construction waste generated. The country produces hundreds of millions of tons of construction waste each year, of which only 40 million tons of construction waste is generated during construction.

The construction waste in Xi’an City is mainly generated from the transformation of urban villages, the construction of municipal projects, and the proposed subway project. It is reported that within 157 years, 157 villages in Xi’an have been reconstructed, and in recent years, the investment in municipal projects has grown exponentially. Municipal construction projects that the amount of construction waste generated each year is 10.00-10^4m3. It is estimated that the amount of recycling of construction waste generated annually in Xi’an will be 362.67-10^4m3 for construction, 10.00-10^4m3 for municipal administration, 8.00-10^4m3 for subway, 380.67-10^4m3 in total, and a huge amount of construction waste. If you do not use it, it will cause huge waste of resources.
In order to recycle resources and promote the good development of the urban environment at the same time, the Shaanxi Provincial Government pointed out that the departments of science and technology, education, finance, land and resources, and taxation must implement relevant policies and promotion funds, and gradually establish an operating mechanism conducive to the promotion of results. Transportation, housing, urban and rural construction and other departments should cooperate with each other, strengthen guidance, give full play to project lead, typical demonstration role, comprehensively accelerate the comprehensive utilization and promotion and application of construction waste crusher material technology, and promote the recycling of resources in Shaanxi Province to a new level.

After several years of research and development, SBM launched a new generation of construction waste processing equipment, including WAF series of tire-type mobile crushing plant and TAF series of crawler-type mobile crushing plant. It is called a series of construction waste crushing equipment, which greatly expanded the crushing and crushing operations. Concept area. Eliminating the crushing site, environment, and complicated infrastructure will bring customers obstacles in crushing operations, and provide customers with simple, efficient and low-cost project operation hardware facilities.

Compared with similar products, the SBMWAF series and TAF series mobile crushing stations incorporate the AF Austrian impact crusher (single-stage fine crushing, simple process, fine discharge, and less crushing, good particle formation) and mobile crushing station ( The advantages of easy movement, high flexibility, lower material transportation costs, and integration of the whole set of units have an advantage in the finished aggregate size and production capacity. The broken recycled aggregate can be directly used for brick making.
Recently, SBM produced TAF340 mobile crushing plant and TAS tracked mobile sieving plant in Xi’an. The output reached 200 tons/hour, producing 3 types of aggregates of 0-15mm, 15-30mm, and 30-60mm to meet users’ mobile crushing. With various requirements such as mobile screening and environmental protection operations, the cost has been reduced to a great extent, and the environmental protection benefits are good, which has promoted the development of Xi’an City Environmental Protection Industry!

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