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Vancouver? The winners of the mines and durability were announced today by Randy Hawes, Minister of State for Mines and Pierre Gratton, President and CEO of the Mining Association of British.

The annual awards are an opportunity to publicly recognize the different companies, communities, First Nations, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and individuals involved in promoting and encouraging sustainable development in the mining sector in BC. The first awards were presented in 2005. Prices this year were presented by Hawes at the annual general meeting on April 1 MABC.

The 2009 winners are Roca Mines MAX Molybdenum Mine and David Parker, vice president of sustainability at Teck Resources Limited.

These awards are an opportunity to publicly recognize businesses and individuals engaged in promoting and encouraging sustainable development in the mining sector. Both this year’s winners are very deserving of their honors, says Hawes. Sustainable development is an essential element of process mining, and British Columbia are proud that companies and individuals are working hard to ensure that we operate in a manner respectful to the environment.

Leadership in sustainability occurs on multiple levels? within a society, on the site of the mine and at the individual level as this year’s awards, Gratton said. MABC is pleased to honor the recipients of this year for his contribution to integrate sustainability into their operations.

On behalf of the MAX molybdenum mine, its employees, subcontractors, suppliers and management communities, I am honored to receive this award, said Scott Broughton, president and CEO of Roca Mines Inc. We are proud to have built BC The first mine metal over a decade and have done responsibly and safely.

David has played a key role in helping to ensure sustainability is an essential part of our decision in everything we do, said Don Lindsay, president and CEO of Teck Resources Limited. Davids work, dedication, vision and values ​​have earned this honor, and we all glad Teck has been recognized in this way.

Prices of mining and sustainability are a joint initiative of the Mining Association of British Columbia and the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

Roca Mines Max molybdenum mine, southeast of Revelstoke, was developed by the good practices of waste reduction that enabled him to become a steady producer and also go ahead with a plan to expand in the near future that will double production. The company reuses an existing plant rather than buying a new building in the last year and has made great progress in the development of a comprehensive security system.

Mine showed good environmental performance, which provides excellent results for water quality of effluent discharge points. Trout Lake is located six miles south of the mine and many streams and rivers near the mine provide habitat and breeding grounds for potential other fish. Special emphasis on the protection of these areas and the lake has been demonstrated, including a program to monitor the quality of water that has been in place since the start of construction of the mine before.

David Parker has played a key role in bringing VANOC industry, government, First Nations, environmental groups and community organizations during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. VANOC received the Sustainability Champion Award 2010 and played a key role in the establishment of partnerships between indigenous peoples, environmental groups, community groups and 2,010 corporate and government partners.

He also participated in the organization of a symposium on influence mines called Sullivan roundtable held in Kimberley. The roundtable, which involved many stakeholders, looked at the life cycle of mining and how a community can, in partnership with the mining industry, position yourself for success in the post- closure.

More recently, David has launched a major international initiative on child nutrition. Zinc Saves Kids is a program that raises awareness of zinc deficiency in children and problems brought together organizations from the public and private sectors and non-profit organizations to improve global health and ensuring the zinc is the goal universally available.

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