The importance of voltage stability of the impact crusher

The importance of voltage stability of the impact crusher

With the continuous development of China’s mining machinery industry, impact crushers are increasingly being widely used by major enterprises. Counter crusher has become the mining machinery industry

One of the essential crushing equipment. In the application of the impact crusher, we need to pay attention to many problems, especially pay attention to the stability of the voltage.


1. The unstable voltage will cause the feeding of the impact crusher to be uneven and discontinuous. If the feeding is not uniform, when the feeding speed is greater than the discharging speed, the crushing chamber
And the discharge port will form a blockage, the broken product can not be discharged in time, and the material is continuously added to the equipment, and the final material is filled with the crushing cavity, causing the equipment when it is serious.

Do not bear heavy load shutdown. Therefore, the voltage needs to be stable, the stable voltage makes the feeding uniform, and the discharge port should be checked frequently to avoid unsmooth discharge, which can be effective.

Prevent the occurrence of a car breakdown.

2. The voltage is unstable or causes the tension of the transmission belt to be large during the operation of the crusher, causing the belt to be loose, the belt slipping, and the belt failure to the running part of the transmission bearing.

The pieces are out of service, and the material is continuously supplied to the crusher, causing a boring car. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the voltage in time to adjust the tension of the drive belt to the appropriate

The tightness.

3. The unstable working voltage will also make the host of the impact crusher unable to carry excessive pressure and stop. Its bearing components are the main crushing parts of the machine.

If the bearing is damaged, it is necessary to replace the new bearing parts in time, otherwise it will cause a boring phenomenon.

4. Unstable working voltage will cause the eccentric shaft to tighten the bushing, loose or fall off, which will eventually cause the bearing housing of the frame to be close, causing the eccentric shaft to be firmly stuck.
The eccentric shaft could not rotate normally and the device suddenly interrupted operation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the working voltage is stable, and it is necessary to re-install the eccentric shaft clamping bushing firmly.

The mandrel adapter bushing is damaged by replacing the new eccentric bushing bushing structure.

In summary, the stability of the voltage plays an important role in the production of the impact crusher.

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