What can Raymond mill grind carbon powder be used for?

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What can Raymond mill grind carbon powder be used for?

What are the uses of carbon powder? How many kinds of carbon powder specifications are there under raymond mill? What role does the milling machine play in the development of carbon? With these questions, following SBM Xiaobian and everyone to discuss together, in order to understand the problem, we must first understand what is carbon?

What is carbon? Carbon is not a single mineral. For example, carbonaceous materials such as graphite, carbon, diamond, carbene, etc. can all become carbon materials. Therefore, it is a generic term for a series of substances. Metal solid materials, understand its essence, will have a certain understanding of its physical properties in all aspects, more convenient and accurate control in the grinding mill, because the choice of ore mill depends on the hardness of the processing materials, water content Whether or not it is still explosive and other physical properties to choose from, in addition to understand the raw material can clearly determine the characteristics of its raw material application range and product specifications requirements, which have a significant relationship with the post-production process.

The scope of use of carbon powder is determined by the nature of carbon itself, its light weight, porosity, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, lubricity, high temperature strength, heat resistance, thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion, Features such as low elasticity, high purity, and processability are all important criteria for determining the application range. The main uses are the following:

  • First, the production of heat sinks, the plane of high thermal conductivity is twice as much as copper, in the heat transfer process to reduce the temperature of the heat point, to achieve a good cooling effect, high thermal conductivity of 200-700W/M.K.
  • Second, graphite electrodes, graphite anodes, and carbon electrodes are manufactured based on the electrical conductivity of carbon and are used most in industrial applications.
  • Third, special graphite carbon materials play an important role in the development of aerospace, electronic technology and nuclear industry.
  • Fourth, the carbon block material is used to construct a blast furnace lining, an aluminum electrolytic tank, a ferroalloy electric furnace, and the like.
  • Fifth, the production of carbon paste products, such as electrode pastes used as conductive electrodes in continuous self-baked electric furnaces, anode pastes used as conductive anodes in self-baked aluminum cells, fillers and slits in blast furnace masonry and refractory muds. Paste etc.
  • Sixth, non-standard carbon, graphite products, impervious graphite, electric carbon products, carbon fiber and many other carbon products.

Raymond Mill has a variety of specifications for carbon powder processing. Raymond’s grinding products range from 30 to 425. Therefore, this kind of fineness powder processing can be selected by Raymond mill to process carbon. The specifications are mostly 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 325 mesh, 500 mesh, 800 mesh, 1000 mesh, etc. The grinding of carbon powder below 425 mesh can be selected by Raymond Mill. Carbon has good conductivity and thermal conductivity. The application in the scientific research field is high, so the powder is of high quality. It is necessary to select another milling equipment for aerospace and electronic technology. Ultrafine powder mills and triple ring speed mills are ideal for ultrafine powders.

The earth is rich in resources, and the types of ore resources are varied. It provides a steady stream of raw materials for production and life. However, whatever kind of substances must go through a certain processing process from the original to the finished product, various kinds of materials need to be used during this period. In the application of machinery and equipment and carbon, an industrial milling machine is an indispensable process. From this, it can be seen that the production of carbon from raw materials to finished products must be ground by grinding equipment such as Raymond Mill. The importance and irreplaceability are clearly visible. It can be said that the development of carbon industry applications can not be separated from the reprocessing and assistance of the milling machine. The development of the same milling equipment also needs carbon and other ore resources to promote opportunities.


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