What reason does Raymond wear back to the air duct dust, what impact does it have on stone powder collection?

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What is the reason for Raymond Mill’s return to dust in the air duct? This phenomenon is not common in mill grinding, but every kind of fault needs attention. As a professional mill manufacturer combines many years of production experience analysis, the return air duct dust increases. Mostly due to the change in the size of the cyclone collector, the following general editor and everyone together to analyze.

Before understanding the increase of air return duct dust, we first came to understand what is the return duct of Raymond mill and what is the cyclone collector. The main function of the return air pipe is to return air, connected between the cyclone collector and the grading, to achieve the entire production line of air circulation, the entire process of the grinding process has been said for many times before the seal structure, the wind volume initiated by the fan, It enters from the air intake of the main housing of the pulverizing machine, and passes through many processes such as the grinding chamber of the mill, the analysis machine, the conveying pipeline, and the cyclone collector. Finally, it separates from the powder at the cyclone collector and enters the fan through the return air duct. To achieve the recycling of air volume, the above is the introduction and role of return air pipe.

Below we understand the next cyclone powder collector. The main function of the cyclone collector is to collect the finished product. The lower end of the powder collector is an inverted conical shape and the upper end is a conical shape. When the powder air flow enters the Raymond Mill cyclone collector, it is a high speed. In the rotating state, after the air flow is separated from the powder, the air flow forms a swirling upward air flow cylinder as the cone wall shrinks toward the center to the cone bottom (the natural length of the air flow), and the dust is separated and collected. Because the upward rotation of the core is in a negative pressure state, the requirements for the lower end of the collector are very high, and the external air must be strictly separated. Otherwise, the collected powder will be taken away by the core air flow, which directly affects the output of the whole machine. So the collector is equipped with a powder locker at the bottom. Another important factor is the height and diameter of the powder locker. The size of each powder collector is determined according to the type of the mill. This ensures that the finished product is qualified, and the diameter of the pipe of the powder collector changes. Small or arbitrarily changing the height of the product due to the reason of the factory, the finished powder powder height is higher than the normal level, when the powder page close to the return nozzle, the powder will enter the return pipe although the air flow, thus showing the whirlwind The powder collector and air return pipe use a great deal of knowledge. In addition, we give everyone a little knowledge: the delivery pipe and return air pipe are all connected with the powder collector. However, their caliber must be taken into account. Strictly speaking, the diameter of the return air pipe must be Inserting the horizontal position of the pipeline early, these things ensure that the normal collection of powder does not cause the powder to enter the air duct.

From this we can rule out the treatment of the milling line one by one based on the cause. Then, what kind of impact will the increase of return air dust be caused?

The first and most obvious effect is that the output of the production line will be reduced. For example, under normal circumstances, the output of the 3R Raymond Mill will be 1-5 t/h. If the finished product enters the return air pipe during the collection process, the material collected by the powder collector is bound to The decrease may result in a maximum output of less than 4 tons per hour.

Second, the decline in output indicates that production efficiency is low, production costs increase, power consumption, material costs, and machine wear will increase, which will reduce business profits and lead to loss of interest.

Thirdly, another harmful effect of price parity is the serious environmental pollution. The return air duct is connected with the fan. The return air duct dust increases, and the fan increases accordingly. Due to the influence of the fan structure, a lot of dust will be seriously affected at the fan. In the surrounding atmosphere, a more important condition for the formation of haze is dust in the air.

Fourth, the environment is damaged and the health of the surrounding residents is endangered. Among them, the greatest impact is on site operators and there are great health risks.

Fifth, in areas with strict environmental protection measures and management, which are prohibited during serious dust production activities, if the production enterprises do not pay attention, they will also lead to seizures and fines from relevant departments.

All in all, the increase in air dust from the return air duct is a phenomenon of improper production. Although it is not common but it is also banned in Raymond milling production, if such problems are found in the production line, attention must be paid to stopping the inspection immediately. After the hidden danger is eliminated, In the recovery of production, this also reminds everyone that in accordance with the equipment, it must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations, installation icons, seemingly irrelevant equipment structure in fact the designer of multi-test data.


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