Yemen Gypsum Mill Processing Production Line

Yemen Gypsum Mill Processing Industry

Yemen gypsum processing industry is very prosperous. With the development of the gypsum market, there is certainly a sizable demand for quantity and good quality of gypsum powder. For that reason, the higher amount of gypsum powder production technologies is essential. In the method of gypsum powder production, drying and dewatering may be the important hyperlink, that is also essentially the most hard a single to control. So as to solve this difficulty, we develop a new sort of drying and dewatering equipment – ebullience calciner, which can be produced depending on the exploring in the gypsum production field.


Gypsum Mill Processing Production Line

The crusher will break the big-size gypsum ore into modest 25mm pieces, and after that the tiny pieces is going to be sent to the grinder, immediately after grinding the fine, the certified raw gypsum powder will probably be sent to boil furnace to calcine, and the unqualified portion is going to be sent to grinder till its qualified. Following calcining, the certified gypsum powder is going to be sent to spiral conveyor through hoist. The spiral conveyor will send the calcined gypsum powder to silo for storage, and cool the powder in the course of the process. The dust remover is around the top rated of silo. The unqualified portion is going to be sent to grinder until its qualified. The stored gypsum is going to be sent to solution storage via steel impeller feeder, spiral conveyor, hoist, and send the qualified gypsum powder to storage or workshop ultimately. The top rated pulse bag stype dust remover will collect dust from crusher, particle silo. When dust and dust gas gets in to the dust remover by way of inlet, the big-size dust particle will fall since in the rising size and decreasing wind speed. The little dust particle will likely be filtered from the filter bag. The filtered gas will be got rid of by outlet. Ultimately, you will get a high-quality and high-grade gypsum powder.

Yemen Gypsum Mill Processing Equipment Supplier

SBM machinery can create Yemen gypsum mill processing production line with output ranging from 3 tons/h to 100tons/h. In addition, we can also customize our production line in line with customers’ particular specifications. To make certain our consumers are satisfied with their obtain, we supply them full services, such as project style, gear manufacturing, installation, debugging, employees instruction, and so on. Furthermore, our products have different models and a variety of production capacity. If you want to get more product information (for example: price, production capacity, model), you can consult our professional customer service staff or to see our products section.

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