400t/h high-quality sand and gravel aggregate production lineSeptember 17, 2019

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

400t/h high-quality sand and gravel aggregate production line

First, the process design

A sandstone aggregate project of a mechanism in northern China, the ore raw material is dolomitic limestone, the average compressive strength is 94MPa, the designed production capacity is 400t/h, and the front end of the production line adopts jaw crusher + mud removal sieve + pre-screening + cone crusher + Vertical shaft crusher shaping + finished screening of crushing and screening process, the back end adopts floor-type sand making process.


Second, the equipment configuration program

In aggregate production, counter crusher, hammer crusher, jaw crusher and gyratory crusher are common coarse crushing equipment.

The coarse crushing feeding equipment mainly has two kinds of bar feeders and heavy plate feeders.

In the case process, a flap switching valve is arranged under the rod feeder screen. When the mud content of the raw material is very low, the material under the screen strip can be directly fed into the subsequent production system without entering the desmear screen.

The intermediate material pile after coarse crushing can be divided into two parts before and after the operation rate. When the current equipment cannot operate normally due to mine feeding, road transportation, equipment maintenance, etc., the latter equipment can continue to produce by relying on the stock of the intermediate material pile. .

By pre-screening, the material smaller than the particle size of the medium discharge is sieved out in advance without entering the medium crushing equipment to avoid excessive pulverization. It is also possible to control the amount of material and the maximum feed size of the finely divided or shaped equipment by pre-screening the size of the screen, and the optimized configuration can reduce the selection specifications of the crushing equipment or reduce the number of equipment.

In the case process, the medium-crush cone crusher and the pre-screening constitute a closed-circuit system, so the pre-screening is also used for inspection and screening. The

The third section of the crushing adopts the vertical shaft crusher, which has the dual functions of crushing and shaping. The feeding material comes from the pre-inspection screening. After the material is crushed and shaped by the vertical shaft crusher, it is fed into the finished sieve, and the finished sieve and the vertical shaft crusher are composed. Closed circuit system.

In the case process, the finished screen is equipped with a flap valve at the hopper, which can return a part of the finished aggregate to the vertical shaft crusher and crush again, thereby adjusting the output ratio of the final product, so that the system control has better flexibility.

It is not necessary to set the buffer bin before the screening equipment, but it is necessary to set the buffer silo in front of the crushing equipment. The buffer tank is arranged to facilitate the unloading of the loader or the dump truck.

The floor-type sand making system has significant advantages in terms of environmental protection, land occupation and energy efficiency. There are two problems to be solved in the production of the floor-type sand making system: one is to classify the powder and sort the materials of 4.75mm and the part of 2.36~4.75mm return to the vertical shaft. The machine is broken again, which is a core part of the grading adjustment.