Ball Mill Chain Drive WayApril 5, 2017

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

Ball mill used in all kinds of mineral grinding operation, according to the edge of cylinder driving mode can be divided into gear drive, the central (coupling) drive and friction wheel drive 3 classes. Edge of gear transmission ball mill most widely used, the central transmission ball mill application less; Friction wheel driving ball mill for transmission efficiency is so low that rarely used.

1. Ball mill at the edge of the gear transmission due to the need of structure, cylinder edge set of large diameter gear ring, so that the volume and weight of the ball mill are larger, manufacture, installation difficulty increase, big ring gear and small gear meshing with module size is big, manufacturing precision is difficult to improve, the transmission efficiency is low, the noise is bigger.

2. The central transmission ball mill is cancelled cumbersome, accuracy is not high open big ring gear and small gear transmission components, between the main speed reducer and the ball mill hollow shaft (cover) with coupling and discharging mouth sleeve connection, to improve the transmission efficiency, saves the electricity; But the machine layout is too long and narrow, take up factory building span is big, reducer and coupling configuration and the maintenance cost is higher.

3. Edge of gear transmission and the coupling transmission are rigid, unable to effectively block grinding cylinder body formed by cast steel materials fall shock transmission from the source to the transmission device, the vibration of the reducer heat problems stand out.

SBM machine designs to use flexible transmission mode of chain transmission ball mill, can effectively overcome the shortcoming of the ball mill, and has good application value.

Chain transmission ball mill is on the edge of the common gear transmission ball mill structure change and become, in the low speed ball mill hollow shaft (cover) and reducer shaft configuration, respectively, large and small sprocket, to replace the big gear ring, small gears and low-speed coupling, replace gear drive with chain drive, in order to realize low speed rotation of ball mill cylinder.

Experts of SBM machine suggest that domestic chain technology experts under the condition of low speed and heavy loading, the advantages and disadvantages of chain with ordinary gear drive and application, help the manufacturer looking for chain transmission technology more applicable.