Construction Waste CrusherJune 6, 2014

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

Removal of construction waste can be divided into use filler pile temporary storage and disposal in three ways.
Adverse buffers building suburban lower courts of the great cities and towns to use or valley, etc., conditions are met; You can use construction waste for recycling or transfer to landfill. Site of the temporary construction waste must be located in the convenient transportation, construction waste generated by the near near future source not intend to use the storage capacity to meet the dumping area. Building cities and counties dumps the unit to focus on the tray. The construction of the landfill must choose the lowlands in a natural valley (Au ), pits and quarries waste another convenient traffic, within a reasonable distance, low land use value, poor water areas; storage capacity of the discharge in the service area must ensure that the construction and reconstruction of damaging the ability of construction waste from landfills.

Construction waste also has renewable resources, including waste, used bricks, cement residue, wood waste, scrap metal, scrap and other components. The affected areas should prioritize the use of construction waste using the nearest and simple, convenient recycling. In reusable, damage to protect the value of ancient architecture and traditional houses and other structural components, maintenance items, especially decorative elements, according to the original method for the reconstruction of the original Gong Neng Shi Jian (structures ) in source location.

Fill mainly used for construction waste site training, road embankment, or fill depressions. For site preparation, construction and road construction waste should be based on application requirements using broken for depression filled with construction debris from time to refill used directly by fragmentation embankment.

As construction waste more concentrated, more limited, but not so large area, the use of mobile crushing suggested. First, the mobile crushing and screening for the Community, the great bulk of several peaks of multiple levels. Another small area of ​​the team the flexibility mobile crushing plant equipment, convenience, flexibility, and saves a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; for the site crushing without material removed from the scene and further can break, with the increase of the facade of mining before the move, which significantly reduces the cost of transporting the material. Mobile crushing plant for flexible configuration, the design can be changed according to the current location, or special mobile crushing station, ideal for crushing construction waste.

SBM has made tremendous contributions to meet construction waste crushing uses its own equipment, such as stone crusher, cone crusher, mobile crusher and so on. Hydraulic crusher mobile robot is the new type mobile crusher station in recent years in the crushing industry.