How to choose the right gear lubricant for the roller crusher?June 14, 2019

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

How to choose the right gear lubricant for the roller crusher?

The gear is an important part of the crushing operation of the roller crusher. Without the smooth operation of the gear, the crushing operation of the material cannot be completed, and the lubrication is an indispensable step to ensure the smooth operation of the gear for a long time. Today, let’s talk about how to choose the lubrication of the roller crusher gear. What factors will affect the choice of lubricant?


Lubrication is not in place and may affect the normal operation of the equipment. In severe cases, it may even damage the equipment. The wrong choice of lubricating oil is also as serious as the failure to do the lubrication, and there are many factors that affect the choice of lubricating oil for the roller crusher. Let us introduce it below.

High-viscosity lubricants are more resistant to heavy loads and collisions between metals than low-viscosity lubricants. Therefore, low-viscosity lubricants should be used when the equipment is lightly loaded, and high-viscosity lubricants should be used at high loads.

The faster the gear slides and rotates, the less time it takes to get the lubricant between the gears. Not only that, but the lubricant is also more likely to agglomerate and thicken at high speeds. Therefore, considering the gear, the gear is running at a low speed with a high viscosity oil and at a high speed with a low viscosity oil.

When the temperature drops, the lubricating oil becomes thicker; when the temperature rises, it becomes thinner. Therefore, heavy oil is required under high temperature conditions to prevent dry friction between metal and metal; while at low temperatures, equipment requires low viscosity lubricating oil.

When the engine of the equipment emits a law of power, the equipment requires a relatively heavy lubricant to prevent boundary lubrication caused by the instantaneous fragmentation of the oil film, because only a small amount of lubricant can be left in this case. In this case, a lubricating oil containing an extreme pressure additive is required.

When using straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone teeth and bevel gear pairs, the roller crusher will produce an effective oil film when sliding and rotating, thus slowing the direct meshing contact between the two wheels, the turbine vortex and the hypoid gear. On the equal shaft transmission, the direction of relative sliding motion is not conducive to maintaining the oil film. On this transmission, boundary lubrication often occurs in a large amount.

Each factor will have an impact on the choice of gear lubricants. Therefore, before selecting a lubricant, the user should first understand the factors affecting the choice of lubricants, so as to consider and select the lubricant that is most beneficial to the operation of the equipment.