Impact crusher is one of the important mechanical equipment in theAugust 12, 2019

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

Impact crusher is one of the important mechanical equipment in the mining industry

The working principle of the impact crusher is the principle of stone rock. Let the stone collide with the stone accelerated by the impeller during the natural falling process to achieve the purpose of breaking. When the stone accelerates and collides with the natural falling rock, a vortex is formed, and the crushing process is repeated twice during the returning process, so the wear of the mechanical counterattack during operation is small.


The stone directly enters the high-speed rotating turntable from the upper tribe of the machine. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force of the impact crusher, the other part is umbrella-shaped, and the target stone is separated from the turntable to generate high-speed impact and high-density crushing. After the stones collide with each other, in addition, a vortex motion is formed between the turntable and the casing, causing multiple blows, friction and pulverization, and direct discharge from the lower portion. Forming a closed loop of multiple loops, controlled by screening equipment to achieve the desired granularity

The impact crusher is one of the important mechanical equipment in the mining industry. It is important that the mining plant purchase a suitable crusher. The following factors must be considered when purchasing a crusher:

First of all, the characteristics of the broken materials, due to the hardness, structure, composition, etc. of different types of materials, the requirements for the equipment are also different. For example, the harder the material, the more difficult it is to break, and the more stringent the requirements of the crushing equipment. Therefore, these materials should be carefully studied and understood before purchasing equipment.

Second, understand the type of equipment you need. There are many types of impact crushers on the market, which are roughly classified into coarse crushing equipment, medium crushing equipment and fine crushing equipment. A commonly used coarse crushing device is a jaw crusher. Medium crushing equipment mainly includes cone crusher and impact crusher. Fine crushing equipment is equipment such as impact crushers. However, the specific choice needs to be determined according to user needs.

Third, we must specify the model number of the device. This requires mastering the feed level and the discharge size. It is clear that the size of the feed and discharge can accurately determine the type of crushing equipment required and the level of crushing.

Fourth, production requirements, the size of the output is also very important for the choice of impact crusher. Since different types of crushers have different yields per unit time, only suitable crushers can be selected to meet their own production requirements.

Currently, there are many manufacturers of crushers on the market, and the products are also mixed. Users who need to purchase an impact crusher should pay more attention to product information in this regard. After selecting the type of equipment, fully understand the specific manufacturer, price, etc. If necessary, you can go to various manufacturers for inspection and shopping.