Jaw Crusher Spare PartsDecember 5, 2016

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

As we know, jaw crusher mainly consists of frame, flywheel, eccentric shaft, toggle plate, fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, movable jaw, set adjustment device, main bearings and so on. Each of the spare parts plays very important role in jaw crusher. in this article, we introduce the functions of main spare parts in jaw crusher, such as flywheel, eccentric shaft, toggle plate, fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and so on.

Jaw Crusher Spare Parts


In a jaw crusher, flywheel is installed on the other side of eccentric shaft. There are two functions of jaw crusher flywheel, one is to balance the weight of grooved wheel and the other is to store energy.

As we know, jaw crusher works discontinuously, which means that there is operating stroke and idle stroke in the jaw crusher working process. In this case, the load on jaw crusher motor is unbalanced. In order to keep the balance of the jaw crusher, we need to store the energy produced by the idle stroke when the movable jaw plate moves away from fixed jaw plate. And then, release the stored energy in the operating stroke.

Eccentric Shaft

Eccentric shaft is a shaft that parallel to excircle but not coincident with the axis of the excircle. The center of the eccentric shaft is not the axis center. In a jaw crusher, the eccentric shaft and the bearings drive the moveable jaw to move back and forth. The driving part of the eccentric shaft is made of moveable jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing seat and belt pulley and so on. It is mainly used for transmit the driving force.

Toggle Plate

Toggle plate plays a very important role in jaw crusher. It has two functions. First, toggle plate can transmit the driving force and support the bottom of the movable jaw plate so that the moveable jaw plate can move back and forth and squeeze the raw materials. Second, toggle plate can protect the jaw crusher. While some materials that are very difficult to break enter the crushing cavity, the toggle plate will part in order to avoid the expensive parts being damaged.

Fixed& Movable Jaw Plate

In jaw crusher, the fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate form the crushing cavity, where the raw materials are crushed. The movement of the two jaw plates is simulating the movement of the two jaws of animals while they are eating. The fixed jaw plate is not move and the moveable jaw plate moves back and forth and squeezes the raw materials.