Mobile crusher in malaysiaSeptember 5, 2018

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

Advantage Analysis of Mobile Crushing Station and Fixed Crushing Station

The mobile crushing station is usually divided into two series: crawler-type mobile crushing station and tire-type mobile crushing station. The fixed Mobile Crushing Station is mainly supported by its integrated crushing equipment, and has a standard and upgraded working production line. Because of its simple structure, the mobile crushing station is more reasonable in configuration and more flexible and convenient in transportation. The layout of the construction waste production line can be changed by changing its position at any time depending on the terrain.

The professional ability of the mobile crushing station to deal with garbage is unquestionable. From the disposal site, the disposal of construction waste mainly exists in two ways. There are two main ways to deal with construction waste. One is to use the local recycling and use the mobile crushing station to directly deal with the construction waste to carry out the recycling of environmentally friendly building materials. The second is to transport the garbage to the construction waste treatment plant and carry out mixing and regeneration in the factory. During this period, fixed construction waste treatment equipment is used.

One of the biggest advantages of the mobile crushing station compared to the fixed crushing station is that it can approach the material in an infinite distance and save the intermediate links of transportation and re-breaking, making it truly meet the economy of saving enterprise expenses and reducing material transportation costs. Claim.

At the same time, the most obvious difference between the two can also be seen from the definition, that is, its mobility and fixedness. Once the fixed crushing station is established, the waste can only be transported to its designated location before it can be disposed of. However, the daily garbage disposal capacity of the stationary crushing station is also beyond the reach of the mobile crushing station. The mobile crushing station is superior in mobility, flexible and convenient. It can select the production site according to the location of the garbage anytime and anywhere. Therefore, between the mobile crushing station and the fixed crushing station, each has its own merits.

Mobile crushing station improves upgrade new highlights

Mobile crushing station manufacturers improve and upgrade new highlights, and our Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Mobile Crushing Station is directly effective on the spot. The mobile crushing station can not only be used independently, but also can provide more flexible machine process configuration for different requirements of customers to meet the various requirements of users for mobile crushing and moving screening, so that logistics transfer can be more direct and effective, and can be maximized. Reduce costs. SBM Heavy Industry Mobile Station adopts the integrated equipment installation form of feeding, conveying and crushing, which not only eliminates the complicated operation of component installation, but also reduces the consumption of materials and working hours.

The mobile crusher station produced by Shanghai SBM has a reasonable and compact space layout, which does not occupy the site, and also improves the flexibility of the site. Easy maintenance and reliable performance. The convenience of maintenance has always been the focus of the machine to obtain good after-sales reputation. The mobile crushing plant has been optimized and enhanced to further accept the advantages of higher strength, better performance and more compact structure. Material transportation costs are low. The reduction of material transportation costs is mainly reflected in the fact that mobile crushing plants can process materials on site.

The biggest advantage of this is that the transportation cost of materials is greatly reduced. Adaptable. The mobile crushing station can be composed of “first crushed and then sieved” or “first screened and crushed” according to customer requirements according to different crushing process requirements. And the mobile station can be combined into two sections or a three-stage crushing and screening system according to actual needs. There is a high degree of flexibility in both work and transportation. The mobile crushing station has a short length and can be used for different crushing equipment, using a separate movable chassis, which makes the wheelbase shorter and the turning radius smaller, so that the machine can be driven flexibly in the work area or on the road. Shanghai SBM Heavy industry crusher equipment manufacturer!