Transmission Technology Development Of Ball MillMay 8, 2017

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

Mechanical transmission of ball mill, now the main transmission form is the center drive and edge transmission two categories. In twentieth Century 80 years there have been literature that: “In large ball mill, using the center gear reducer has gradually replaced edge transmission potential. But for the small ball mill for…… Edge transmission becomes desirable scheme.” It imports in China more than Ф3.5 M ball mill drive way, more than 85% is used to prove the center of the gear reducer drive.

The emergence of multipoint meshing transmission technology for the development of ball mill edge drive there is a big role in promoting. Edge transmission ball mill has small investment in initial stage. For the large ball mill, it is a very important factor. Large scale ball mill, the initial investment of a delta tens of millions of yuan, if can reduce more than ten percentage points of investment, no doubt, has a great temptation for enterprises.

For a large ball mill, using the edge dual drive is the economy. Multipoint meshing transmission technology, it is in view of the insufficiency open gear transmission in new technology. More supple transmission began to appear in the transmission system of metal smelting equipment, in 1998, China has put the technology applied in the transmission of ball mill. Multipoint meshing transmission device is first used in ball mill directly. Multipoint meshing transmission can improve the edge of the transmission efficiency, reliability and service life, safety, reducing the dependence of the ball mill must use very large special motor. These are because:

1) The meshing condition improvement

Edge of large open gear transmission, at the end of the level to ensure that the correct size gear meshing, the tooth surface uniform load distribution is difficult. Multipoint meshing transmission at the level of the pinion bearing is floating, can accompany the big gear swing and swing, and much progress has been combined with lubrication conditions, so the transmission is efficiency and significantly improve life.

2) Reliability and safety

The edge of the traditional transmission, the bulls are bilateral double motor drive, while more meshing is not subject to this restriction. So, the degree of safety is to multiply. A mesh point appeared problem, other mesh point will automatically compensate.

3) Reduce dependence on large special motor

This is the result of dynamic shunt. For the large capacity motor, the manufacture is quite difficult, especially the oversize of special motor. As a result, their price is quite high. If after the large capacity to a certain extent, the capacity of an electric motor is equal to the capacity of two electric motors, and its price is not equal, and on the contrary, the price of a tend to be greater than the capacity of the two equal price.

In view of the above reasons, our experts predicted: multipoint meshing transmission technology will enable the edge ball mill drive more to increase its usage.