VSI5X Sand CrusherJune 18, 2014

Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

For roads, the construction of passenger rail lines, high-rise buildings, hydropower provide the best terms of concrete and gravel size distribution, particularly basalt (diabase) ration needle. With traditional cone crusher, can not meet the current demand, SBM has developed such disasters and screening process VSI5X impact crusher, which better meet the technical requirements. VSI5X Crusher can be used for concrete aggregates (crushed stone) and the quality of the stone material production equipment that will produce less than 5% of the shape of the tip, and can fully meet the specific technical requirements of high efficiency.

On the basis of sandstone aggregate years’production, SBM improve traditional sandstone production line, taking VSI5X new crusher as the primary equipment and new types of sandstone aggregate production process include: 1.GZD 2 vibrating feeder, jaw crusher PE jaw crush 3.PEX HPC cone crusher or impact crusher crusher 5.YZS 4.PFW Shaker 6. VSI5X impact crusher (rock formations).

During highway in sand and gravel aggregate materials, SBM has developed many new products in the sandstone aggregate crushing and screening process for the production of high-speed (high-grade) road, high-speed trains, the scope of hydropower, high-rise buildings, airports , runways, ports, municipal engineering. And this product includes VSI5X crusher, HPC cone crusher, PFW impact crusher PE jaw crusher, screening and classification equipment, installation, he crushing and screening equipment can be divided into three types: fixed, semi-mobile (sled) and mobile devices with 30 Capacity -500 tons / hour, and the size and grade of the final product can be 0-40 mm in various shades of gravel can be adjusted by 5% in the range of control and reasonable classification, the small particle size, low needle like.

Compared with the traditional production process, SBM VSI5X crusher has the following characteristics:

1. Thanks to the great stone mold material, which can make the needle drops to 5% regardless of basalt, diabase, limestone or andesite, which is unmatched by other mining crushing machinery, is the most advanced equipment in the world with a diameter of stone as well.

2. more plastic and less damaged than the reduced powder, long life, low consumption.