HST Cone Crusher

Product Features: Bigger capacity, safer and more intelligent, higher efficiency

  • Input Size: 0-370mm
  • Capacity: 45-2130TPH
  • Material: Granite, diabase, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, metallic ores and non-metallic ores, etc.

HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a new high-efficiency cone crusher independently researched, developed and designed by SBM through summarizing over twenty years of experience and widely absorbing advanced American and German technologies about cone crushers. This cone crusher integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technologies, and possesses advanced cone crusher technologies in the world.

Working Principle

When a HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher works, driven by the motor, the transmission shaft rotates under the action of belt pulley and triangular belt. Next, the transmission shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to make it rotate around the axis. Meanwhile, the eccentric sleeve forces the movable cone to do pendular movement. This movement makes the movable cone and fixed cone sometimes close to, sometimes far away from the rolling wall. Materials are continuously shocked, squeezed and crushed in the crushing cavity between the crushing wall and the rolling wall. Finally, materials are discharged out of the machine when their fineness reaches the discharging standard.

    HST Cone Crusher Single Wisdom

    concise but not simple

    HST Cone Crusher integrated with machinery, hydraulic, electrical, automation, intelligent control technology in a whole, representing the crusher technology is most advanced in the world, which has more advantages than many traditional crusher, can be widely used in metal and nonmetal ore, cement, sand and gravel, metallurgy and other fields. HST Cone Crusher is suitable for the crushing, fine crushing and grinding and also apply to hard rock large scale gold mining.

    undertone but not monotonous

    Many advantages in HST series products, low-key appears in people’s eyes and has the magnificent performance. With reasonable eccentricity, cavity and motion parameters, these can improve the production ability and work efficiency; laminated crushing cavity, in improving the yield and efficiency of crushing colleagues, these can improve product grain type and make the product particle type more reasonable.

    Product Application

    HST Cone Crusher is our company based on more than twenty years broken experience summarized in the basic design, production, sales in service industry, combined with the development of modern industrial technology, extensively absorb the United States, Germany and other advanced crusher technology and designed a new efficiently breaking mining machine. HST cone crusher is applied to cement mill, mining, building construction, road &bridge construction, railway construction and metallurgy and some other industries.

    Main Series Products Comparison

    main shaft turn not turn turn
    main shaft fixing method lower end is fixed lower end is fixed fixed at both ends
    iron excess spring hydraulic pressure hydraulic pressure
    adjusting device fixed pulley,hydraulic pusher hydraulic pusher,hydraulic motor hydraulic cylinder
    clear cavity hydraulic pressure hydraulic pressure hydraulic pressure
    PLC no yes yes
    feeding mode not full feeding full feeding full feeding
    counterweight block heavy thickening heavy thin heavy thickening

    Product Advantage

    • Unique hydraulic protecting system, including protecting oilcan, locking oilcan and hydraulic driving oilcan, which can not only protect the machine, but also deal with operational troubles without disassembling the whole machine.
    • Easy to operate, reliable performance and adjustable in terms of size of the end products.
    • The crushing chamber is specially designed according to particles-layer-pressure principle. The special chamber and the suitable rotating speed improve the crushing ratio and capacity, and also the percentage of cubic products.
    • If something abnormal happens,for instance,the iron is fed into the crushing chamber or there is a jam in the chamber,the up-cover of the machines will be lift up and the materials will be discharged automatically, thus eliminating the chance of machine stoppage to discharge the material by workers. Besides,it’s easy to maintain, and the cost is much lower than Spring Cone Crusher.
    • Unique hydraulic device and diluted oil lubricating system ensures the reliable performance of the equipment. The labyrinth-like sealing obviates the mixture of water and oil, which is hard to avoid in the traditional Spring Cone Crusher.
    • The mantle and bowl liner are made of high-manganese steel. The special design of crushing chamber and particles-layer-pressure protection device reduce the abrasion, extending the service life of spare parts by 30%-80%.

    Operational Principle

    During HST Cone Crusher working process, the eccentric shaft will force the motor to make a swing movement at a fixed point by the conveyor, counter shaft, couplings, and the cone parts, which can make the crushing cavity close or leave the rolling shrinkable now and then. And the ores will be crushed by shock, crack and warp. And HST cone crusher spring secure system is a kind of overloaded protection equipment, which can let the non-metal materials pass the crushing cavity with no harm to the machine. Adoption of the glycerol or water seal forms can separate the stone powder and lubricating oil, which ensure the reliable work. The spring secure system will take effects and the discharge opening will become largest so that the foreign bodies can be discharged from the discharge opening when the non-crushed materials can’t pass the crushing cavity or the overloaded phenomenon has happened on the machine. If the foreign bodies get stuck in the cavity, we can continue to increase the discharge opening and let them pass the cavity. Due to the spring, the discharge opening will recover and go back to the normal work.

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