B Belt Conveyor

Product Features: Modular design, convenient assembly, allocation according to actual demands, abundant functions

  • Input Size: 0-300mm
  • Capacity: 100-1400TPH
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on

SBM's B Belt Conveyor adopts the modular component design, which greatly simplifies the production process, reduces the installation and disassembly difficulties, and saves the logistics cost. It can also shorten the preparation period and enhance the product quality. It is convenient for future maintenance.

Working Principle

A B Belt Conveyor uses a conveying belt to hold and transport materials. The conveying belt winds around the transmission drum and the tension drum to form a loop strap. Its upper and lower part are supported by a carrier roller which can limit the deflection sag of the conveying belt. The tension device provides necessary tension for the normal operation of the conveying belt. During operation, the drive device drives the transmission drum, and then the conveying belt starts working under the friction between the transmission drum and the conveying belt. When the conveying belt is running, materials on the belt can move with it together thereby.

    Structure Analysis

    As an auxiliary equipment, Belt Conveyor structure is relatively simple which is mainly made up of the racks, belts, rollers, tensioning means and the drive means. In the process of conveying, the material can be put on the belt, which can be conveyed from one end to the other end by the force device. Belt Conveyor can help form one conveying process from the origin feeding place to the discharging place, which can convey the scattering material and the finished products. This machine also can form one flow process line with the rhyme according to the requirement on the craftsmanship of various mining industries except for the pure conveying materials.

    Product Application

    Belt Conveyor is a key mining machine that can continuously convey materials. Conveyor belts are loops of material that move parts or other items from one location to another which are often driven by variable speed electric motors or by other moving parts in a complex system.SBM belt conveyor always has good performance in mining process line which is widely used for transferring lump materials or manufactured products in mining, construction, metallurgical industries and other industries, for example, when coal, mineral ores, rock stones are crushed and some other products are packaged, our belt conveyors can be used to transport them.

    Product Advantage

    • Various working forms adapt to the different requirements of customers

      According to the requirements of the conveying technology, it can single work, multiplied work or work with other equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system, thus satisfying the needs of operating lines of the different arrangement types.

    • Applied to low grinding and packaged material

      The temperature of the conveyed materials should be less than 60℃. Applied to low grinding and packaged material which is powdery, granular, little bulk, easy to draw out and the conveying density is less than 1.67 tons/cubic meters.

    • Length and assemble form are flexible

      According to the clients’ need, its length and assemble form are flexible. The transmission can be power roller or driving device with driving shelf.

    • Easy to control programmed and operate automated

      With the benefits of the strong conveying capacity, long distance transmission, simple structure to maintain, it is easy to control programmed and operate automated.

    Operational Principle

    On the basis of technological requirements, the body transmission can adopt many controlling methods, such as, general continuously operation, tempo operation and variable speed operation etc. Many conveyor belts work on the principle of variable speed control. If a particular belt moves too slowly, workers may find themselves waiting for parts. If one moves too quickly, parts may be damaged or workers may become overwhelmed. Belt Conveyor can choose its form according to circumstances, for example, the straight line, corner, slopes body form.

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