LUM Series Ultrafine Mill

Product Features: Higher capacity, better powder quality, more excellent comprehensive performances

  • Input Size: 0-10mm
  • Capacity: 5-18TPH
  • Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

LUM Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill is independently designed by SBM on the basis of years of experience in grinding mill production. LUM grinding mill adopts the latest Taiwan grinding roller technology and German powder separating technology. The ultrafine vertical grinding mill integrating ultrafine powder grinding, grading and transporting has become a better choice in the ultrafine powder grinding industry.

Working Principle

Through spiral feeder, materials fall onto the center of grinding plate of LUM Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill. Driven by the motor of host, the reducer rotates the grinding plate to form centrifugal force which forces materials to move towards the fringe of grinding plate. While passing through the grinding area between roller and grinding plate, bulky materials are broken directly by the pressure of roller while fine materials form a layer where materials crush each other. Broken materials after grinding continue moving to the edge of grinding plate until they are brought away by the airflow and enter the powder selector. Under the action of blades of selector, coarse particles which fail to meet standard of fineness drop to the grinding plate to have another grinding while powders meeting the standard enter the powder collector as finished products. For sundries like iron block in materials, when they move to the fringe of grinding plate, because of their heavier weight, they would drop to the lower cavity of grinding mill and next be sent into the discharging port by scarper installed at the bottom of grinding plate and finally be discharged out of the grinding mill.

    As The Term Suggests

    LUM Series Ultrafine Mill is named from inner diameter of roller Φ1300×210. The machine is a new facility designed by SBM expert basing on statistical analysis and a large number of suggestions from users and the innovative design of the super pressure trapezoidal mill. It has superseded and optimized in the structural characteristics of trapezoidal MTM mill, and it also forms its own unique characteristics. The best quality grinding equipment,your best option is LUM Series Ultrafine Mill.

    Structure Analysis

    LUM Series Ultrafine Mill structure mainly consists frame, blowers, fine analysis machine, finished product powder cyclone, bag filter and connecting duct piping and other components. What is more importantly,according to user needs can be equipped with elevators, storage silos, control cabinet, to the powder , crusher and other auxiliary equipment.

    Product Application

    If your material is hard and have high requires about crushing effect, LUM Series Ultrafine Mill absolutly is your best chioce. T130X reinforced ultrafine mill is mainly used in processing materials of metallurgy, building construction, chemicals and mining industry, such as feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite earth, ceramic, bauxite, phosphate rock, iron oxide, slag, clinker, chemical fertilizers, compound fertilizers, fly ash, coal, coke, lignite, gypsum, graphite, etc. Superfine grinding, SBM is worthy to be trusted based on so many years of theoretical study and practical operation in mining machinery.

    Product Advantage

    • Low investment cost,high rate of powder

      In the condition of same fineness ratio of jet mill, less investment, low cost, short payback period.Finished product fineness and the power consumption of the same, compared with jet mill and mill high yield above 45%.

    • Optimization design and uniform discharge granularity

      The convenient impeller adjusting device, so that the gap size selected leaf powder machine end and shell can be adjusted conveniently and rapidly.

    • Grinding cavity operate safely and reliable

      Compared to the medium speed mill and mill, grinding cavity and no rolling bearing, without screws, so there is no bearings and other seals delicate problem, avoiding the screw loosening and destroy the machine.

    • Environmental protection and no pollution

      Using the pulse dust removal efficiency, no dust pollution in the process of running the whole set of equipment, muffler and muffler housing allocation, reduce noise, completely in accordance with national environmental standards to organize production, played a role in environmental protection.

    Operational Principle

    When getting into LUM Series Ultrafine Mill, the raw materials are shoveled up by the shovels and grinded between the rollers and ring; the supplies immediately after grinding are brought in to the separator in addition to the air from the blower, as well as the qualified fine powder became final items and come in to the cyclone powder collector, the other unqualified powder fall down to become re-grinded. The circular air returns back to the blower that the above course of action might be repeated, and also the remaining air enters the bag filter to be able to shield the atmosphere.

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