1000tph construction waste crusher structure composition? What about the customer’s site? What is the price?

The 1,000tph construction waste crusher refers to a tire mobile crushing station with an output of up to 1000 tons. It is a high-production crusher line. Due to the integrated structure combination, the flexible exterior features of the car-loaded free-walking have become a concern in the industry. One of the crushers is widely used in the crushing of construction waste, quartz stone, granite, cobblestone, marble, dolomite, iron ore, coal and more than 100 kinds of stone materials, becoming chemical, metallurgy, building materials, cement, environmental protection, mines , coal and other rare fields of outstanding equipment.

High-yield, easy-to-use, is the basic label of the 1000tph construction waste crusher, high-efficiency production capacity + flexible and convenient walking method, making crushing site operations more simple and process flow more worry-free. “High production, flexibility” + “smart, environmental protection”. If there is no 1000tph construction waste crusher, then what is the specific structure of the equipment? What about the customer site? What is the price? Xiao Bian introduces you one by one.

First, 1000tph construction waste crusher flexible and innovative structure combination

1000tph construction waste crusher, structure composition is a new design, more modular, aggregative, small footprint, more flexible, and more by feed, crushing, screening, transportation and other systems, each module is free to choose equipment, The job is more flexible and more widely used.

Second, 1000tph construction waste crusher classic, high-yield customer site

When the output: 1000t/h;

Customer feedback: The 1,000tph construction waste crusher tailored for us by SBM meets high production standards, and is more agile and environmentally friendly on site. It also solves the problem of environmental pollution and land occupation, and also completely realizes the recycling of construction waste. use. Broken construction waste is widely used in roads, buildings, bricks and other projects.

Customer feedback: The 1000tph construction waste crusher purchased by SBM manufacturers requires less investment, good post-production results, on-site operation, environmental protection, energy-saving equipment, and intelligent operation procedures, which are very easy to use.

Third, 1000tph construction waste crusher economic, affordable market price

1000tph construction waste crusher price is how much? Select SBM to allow users to enjoy more economical and affordable market quotes. As a professional mobile crushing station manufacturer, the company’s production equipment is more ingenious and hard-working, ensuring excellent equipment quality, affordable price, complete service, and is better for crushing processing. select. For specific quotes on equipment, you can consult online for free.

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