Analysis Failure Of Ball Mill Drive System

Ball mill is a kind of common grinding equipment. As the core equipment of mineral processing process, there will be some problems in the working process of the ball mill, how to effectively discover and deal with these problems, it is crucial for concentrator.

1. Put forward the problem:

Appeared phenomenon in the process of production reducer with elastic rubber block coupling gel block between pinion is twist off, operators as adhesive quality problems, replace the rubber piece and then be twist off continuously. Rubber block repeatedly been twisted patrol, caused the attention, found that adhesive quality may not be a major problem. The study found that elastic rubber by twist off not glue blocks of quality problem, but due to transfer load increases.

2. The reason of increase in the actual power of the ball mill

(1) Ball mill power consumption

When the ball mill work normally, the power consumption of ball mill is made up of two parts, most of the power used to improve grinding medium and material, small part is used to overcome friction. To improve power consumption of grinding medium mainly associated with the ball mill load and rotating speed of grinding.

Used to overcome the power consumption of friction, the friction parts of consumed power combined. In the ball mill work normally, the relatively small proportion of this part is usually.
Friction power consumption has 2 parts: one part is the transmission between the friction consumption; the other part is hollow shaft and friction between spherical tile consumption. For mechanical efficiency only consider the transmission way, that is to say, only considering the friction between the transmission parts consumption. This shows that due to the hollow shaft and mill spherical smaller without considering the friction between consumption.

(2) The cause of ball mill gear fault

Speaking from the working principle of the ball mill, due to lower the rotational speed of ball mill, grinding medium promoted height will drop, used to improve the grinding body will reduce power.
According to the gear failure, speed reduced, mill actual power increases, from the analysis of power, improve grinding medium power reduction, the increase of the actual power mill is obviously due to the increase of friction power consumption. Ball mill frictional power consumption in transmission power consumption does not increase, because increased part is due to the hollow shaft and the spherical friction tile increased.

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