Analyze the system composition and function of the stone productio

Analyze the system composition and function of the stone production line

The system components of the stone production line are mainly three, first, the feeding system. The feeding system is one of the basic systems. This system mainly supplies raw materials for each section of crusher equipment and screening machine. Of course, this process is also different according to the process structure of crushing and screening. The details will be somewhat different. The feeding system equipment mainly includes vibrating feeders and other feeding equipment. The general stone production line is the feeding system responsible for the supply of various stones.


Second, the crushing system. It is understood that the crushing system is the heart of the stone production line, and it can be seen that the importance of this system. The main work of this system equipment is to crush the raw materials of various ores. The final result of the crushing is to achieve the required finished materials. The main equipment of this system is multiple crushers, and the mechanical properties of each crusher. Different, you can work together to complete the crushing of various stone materials to ensure that the stone production line can operate normally.

Third, the screening conveyor system. The equipment of this system is mainly to better screen the crushed ore. It is understood that the sand and stone materials need to be separated, and after the classification, the sand and gravel materials need to be transported to different sites. The main equipment of the screening and conveying system is linear vibrating screen and other screening equipment. Each screening system has its own characteristics and advantages. During the working process, all screening equipment needs to work together. It can achieve efficient work, and the effect of screening is also more ideal.

The composition system of the stone production line is probably the same. These three systems are indispensable. Each system includes a lot of equipment. In general, there are many equipments for the stone production line. All the equipments are expensive in operation. The energy, wants to make all the equipment run smoothly, requires the normal maintenance of the staff.

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