automatic stone crusher

Crushing equipment, especially the old type of crushing equipment operation and control, the original structure the way of control tend to have larger difficulties, is not conducive to the scientific management of modern industry and civilization production. Therefore, the improvement crushing equipment and the improvement of the level of automatic control, have become a promote on crushing technology and equipment to one of the characteristics.

At present, the control and adjustment of crusher is used more hydraulic equipment at home and abroad. A company of British crusher with hydraulic jack to adjust the moving jaw opening, make the line of ore granularity control and replace the lining board is very convenient. Type PEW250, PEW400, PEW1100 type matching of our country Shanghai Shibang machinery company production of crusher adopts hydraulic adjusting device, also played automatically better control effect.

In the hydraulic control system, in order to avoid hydraulic overload, hydraulic or pneumatic overload protection device is widely used at home and abroad. When entering the non-crushing matter crushing cavity, oil pressure or air pressure exceeds the pressure, the oil of cylinder come back to the accumulator, then the jaw of jaw crusher come to back. Non- broken objects (such as iron, etc.) by the cavity after discharge, accumulator in cylinder, the oil in the oil and back to roll back to the moving jaw or activity in rare earth continue to work.

Automatic control of crushing system is continuous and automatic production process. Therefore, using computer control program is gradually applied in modern industry. Using crushing system controlled by microcomputer is usually represented by the following factors:

1. Get bigger constraints in the requirements for product granularity and crusher under the condition of constant power.

2. Under the condition of constant feed obtained the best particle size control.

The above factors and according to the actual requirements of process, need to be considered, and take a reasonable choice. In industrial production, choose the best control scheme is a permanent comprehensive question, should be based on specific conditions, to conduct a comprehensive, integrated consideration.

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