Ball Mill For Sale In Australia

Ball Mill In Brief

Ball mill is a kind of grinding mill from SBM Company, it is relying on outstanding working stability, ball mill are widely used to grind various kinds of ore and materials, and several typical types such as mining ball mill, raw mill, coal mill, cement mill, rod mill are derivatively designed consequently.

Ball Mill For Sale In Australia

As Australia is rich in various kinds of mineral ores, such as iron ore, gold ore, coal, manganese ore, bauxite ore etc. it is a big market of SBM Company. With the development of SBM economy, there are more and more customers invest in mining. Our ball mill is more and more popular by the local customers in Australia.

Skill Of Chose And Buy

Operating Rules

  1. Check the mill and electrical parts, include the whether the screw bolt is loosen. all lubrication points operates normal ,electrical instrumentation is sensitive etc..
  2. Make the rotating parts around clean, when staring the mill, avoid people standing neat it.
  3. After all the checking, press the starting button, pay attention to the current changes.
  4. When the mill operating, you should feed water, feed materials; add balls immediately to avoid the liner broken.
  5. Every half one hour, check the bearing temperatures, it cannot exceed 60.C
  6. Stop feeding materials, after all the material in the machine processed, stop water, press stop button, then stop the electric switch.

Stone Powder Making Equipment Price

SBM Company has many kinds of powder making equipment, different models has different price, so if you are interested in our products, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help to choose the most suitable model for you according to your requirement.

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