Belt Conveyor In China

Belt conveyor is a kind of mechanical friction drive with continuous way transport material. It can put the material in certain transportation on-line, from the original material feeding point to the final discharge point is formed between a material conveying process. It can deliver broken material, also can be transmitted into items. Except deliver the material, can also be compatible with the process of the industrial enterprises in the production process requirements, form the rhythmic flow transport line.

The main type of belt conveyor is divided into regular and special type. Ordinary type mainly include: common belt conveyor, light fixed belt conveyor and mobile belt conveyor; Special types include: steel wire rope core belt conveyor, belt conveyor with large inclination, hanging belt conveyor, and air cushion belt conveyor and conveyor belt etc..

Chinese ancient high rotating cylinder cars and water roll, is the prototype of the modern bucket type lifting machine and scraper conveyer. The development of belt conveyor has a long history, and in Europe and the United States, the development of the belt conveyor is very quick.

1) In the 17th century, began to loose materials for application of aerial cableway transportation;

2) The middle of the 19th century, all kinds of modern structure belt conveyor appeared;

3) In 1868, belt conveyor appeared in the British;

4) In 1887, American appeared spiral belt conveyor;

5) In 1905, belt conveyor appeared in the Switzerland;

6) In 1906, in Britain and Germany have emerged of belt conveyor.

Since then, the conveyor affected by the machinery manufacturing, motor, chemical and metallurgical industry technological progress, improved continuously. Gradually has developed from a complete workshop internal transport, to complete within the enterprise, between enterprises and even between urban material handling. As an indispensable part of mechanization and automation system handling the material.


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