Bentonite Powder Making Machine

Application of bentonite in modern industry more and more widely, so the bentonite demand is also increasing, of course, the production of bentonite is used without mill, so how to choose the appropriate bentonite powder making machine becomes the key problem,choice the bentonite vertical mill,Raymond mill or other types of grinding mill?

Bentonite is widely used in agriculture, light industry and daily use of cosmetics and medicine and other fields, different areas of different bentonite processing fineness, these years, along with the properties of bentonite in the continuous mining, the unceasing increase, more is the physical properties of bentonite the difference is bigger, so the characteristics of Bentonite is shown in various fields constantly expanding, so the milling equipment requirements and further enhance the efficiency of grinding, will become the mineral resource saving and low carbon energy important link, fineness specification of bentonite has a lot of kinds and from the 100 to 2500 range, then how to choose suitable for different fineness requirements of the milling equipment?

In the processing of 100 mesh to 300 mesh between the bentonite, the most suitable milling equipment is Raymond mill, when more than 800 mesh should be used in micro grinding, because this equipment belongs to the high yield and low energy consumption, low maintenance rate of milling equipment, bentonite is the best mill. In fact, no matter what kind of choice of grinding machine, the principle is not the same, but the same type of word production are similar, the biggest difference is that the stability of the equipment and maintenance rate, the market generally use the Raymond mill rate will be relatively high, and therefore have a larger market.

Select the appropriate equipment will make the production process multiplier of customers, but also a large number of customers to reduce investment in human resources, so the appropriate grinding equipment is very important for the production of bentonite, the time of purchase to be especially careful, professional bentonite pulverizing equipment will bring the unexpected harvest to of course, the customer, the price of the equipment, the quality of customer service and vendor service system also should be taken into account.

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