Comparison of Three Types of Ultrafine Mills

Comparison of Three Types of Ultrafine Mills

People who have a general understanding of the milling industry know that ultra-fine mills, especially in recent years, can be described as “all-powerful” in the Ultrafine mill industry and are widely praised by users. Superfine pulverizer is a key equipment in the ultrafine powder industry and is widely used in metallurgy, crushing production of building materials, crushing of chemical raw materials and crushing and grinding of mine ore. Shanghai Sibang Industrial Technology Group’s ultrafine powder mill equipment mainly includes three types: SCM series ultrafine powder mill, T130X enhanced ultrafine powder mill and LUM series ultrafine powder mill vertical mill. Each type of device has multiple models that can meet almost any requirement for ultra-fine powder operations. All three of these equipments have been trained by the milling team to learn from each party’s experience, and strive to innovate to create excellent equipment that excels in all areas of the industry. Each of the three ultra-fine pulverizer machines has its own advantages, each of which can play different roles for different milling operations. Although they are ultra-fine powder processing equipment, they are also very different. If users do not understand these differences, it may cause the equipment to not work properly during certain operations and fail to achieve a good state of milling. Therefore, it is very important to understand the characteristics of these milling equipments. The following is a comparison of them and we hope to help everyone.

When talking about the same and different points of the three types of ultra-fine mills, we usually analyze them from their technical parameters or analyze them through processed materials. However, we compared the two areas that we rarely talked about, hoping to compare the equipment on the other two levels, allowing the user to be more explicit about the ultra-fine mill equipment.

Ultrafine powder production line comparison

In the milling production line, the SCM series of ultrafine grinding mills are two kinds of special fine crushing equipment. Its speciality is not only reflected in the fineness of the finished materials, but also in the configuration of the grinding line used. For the characteristics of SCM ultra-fine mill, the production line is generally the choice of hammer crusher as a two-stage crushing equipment. It is also said that before the material enters the SCM series ultrafine mill, the hammer crusher is generally selected to crush the material. However, it is worth noting that it cannot be generalized, but also based on actual production conditions, but also consider whether the crushing equipment is suitable for processing the two materials. However, for the two common materials processing crushing, the configuration of the crushing equipment is helpful for the entire ultrafine powder production line and can greatly increase the production efficiency of the ultrafine pulverizer.
Then we have to talk about the other two mills, T130X enhanced ultra-fine mill and LUM ultra-fine vertical mill in the crushing operation, will generally use the smashing machine as the main crushing equipment. Since the feed grain size of the SCM Ultrafine Mill is very fine, the hammer crusher can meet its needs, but the crushing equipment (smasher or counterattack) is not ideal.

During the transmission of the production line, the LUM ultrafine vertical mill uses a closed belt feeder, while the SCM and T130X ultrafine powder mill machines use a vibrating feeder to feed; In addition, SCM series and LUM series ultrafine grinding powder The machine uses a pulse dust collector for dust removal; after that, it should be noted that the T130X enhanced ultrafine mill uses a bypass powder collector to collect the finished material. All air systems are under negative pressure and closed.

Equipment structure comparison

There is no doubt that although all three devices are of a vertical structure, it is easy for people in the industry to see that the three devices have a large gap. Of course, the difference in appearance will not be discussed here. From the difference in appearance, we can derive a greater difference in the structure of the equipment. Among them, SCM ultrafine grinding machines mainly include main engines, powder thickeners, dual cyclone collectors, pulse filters, blowers, motors, pipe fittings and mufflers. Optional equipment includes hammer crushers, vibratory feeders, feeders, and control cabinets.

T130X enhanced ultra-fine grinding machine consists of host, speed reducer, analyzer, maintenance platform, fan, bypass current collector and electric control cabinet. Auxiliary equipment includes jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and storage silo. LUM ultra-fine vertical mill is an ultra-fine vertical mill. It consists of classifiers, rollers, grinding stones, pressurizing devices, motors, speed reducers, analyzers, and electrical cabinets. Auxiliary equipment includes jaw crushers, hoists, vibrating feeders and storage bins. The equipment in its production line is similar, and the two necessary equipment are similar. By comparing three ultra-fine mill units, we know the differences and similarities. It is hoped that this comparison between the SCM, T130X and LUM ultrafine mills will help you, as a reference when purchasing equipment.

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