Cone Crusher Adjustment Device

Cone crusher is a generic term which includes many series of products. This article will introduce the adjustment devices between three different cone crusher machines. We do hope this article will be helpful for clients.

Main Adjustment Device of Different Series Cone Crushers

CS series high efficient cone crusher machine, HST series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and HPC series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher machine will be comparison from the main adjustment device.

Fixed pulley and hydraulic driving force are the main adjustment devices of CS series cone crusher machine, and hydraulic cylinder is the adjustment of HST cone crusher. The HPC series cone crusher adjustment devices include hydraulic driving force and hydraulic motor.

Comparison between These Adjustment Devices

Actually, these three adjustment devices have the same main principle: through rising or decreasing cone crusher fixed cone part to complete the distance adjustment between moving cone and fixed cone. These three machines are equipped with different devices: fixed pulley, hydraulic driving force and hydraulic motor. From the above mentioned, the hydraulic cylinder the as the same function with hydraulic driving force or motor.

Fixed pulley is depending on man operation to adjust. Clients need to put the rope through the pulley and rolls on the machine frame. And then, you need to put the pulley down part hang on the hanger. The other side is used the lifting equipment to pull. It can make the adjustment shell rotates and this can change the distance between crushing wall and motor wall. Actually, it changes the distance between fixed cone board and moving cone board. It needs to pay attention to the fixed pulley which not only can change the direction but also changes the power.

Hydraulic driving force and hydraulic motor has the same working principle. Both of them are used in simple adjustment device. Clients all like these two methods.

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