Cone Crusher Maintenance

Cone head it the most important part of cone crusher, the quality is the problem that customers mostly care about. As it plays an important role in cone crusher, it not only demands high hardness, high wear-resistant, but also should features high toughness and high withstand force. The safety, stability, wear-resistant of it also determined the invest cost, the processing efficiency of the whole production line for the customer and the labor intensity of the workers. As for the service life of it not only depends on the quality, but also determined by the daily maintenance.

Cone Crusher’s Cone Head Maintenance

If the bearing is too hot, maybe the grease is too less or too much, lubricating oil metamorphism, or there is some damage about the bearing. At this time, inject the suitable lubrication oil, and clean up the bearing, or replace the grease and bearing.

The final output size it too big, reasons: cone head worn too much, the sieve is fracture. Solve manner: replace the cone head, and sieve.

There is big noisy produced by elastic connecting. Reason: bolt is loosen, the spring ring worn out. Solve manner: stop the crusher and fasten the bolts, and replace the spring ring.

Low capacity: reason: sieve aperture is blocked, and the feeding materials’ speed is uneven. Solve manner: stop the machine, clean up the materials which in the gap of the sieves and adjust the feeding system.

Strong vibration in crushing chamber. Reason: maybe when replacing cone head or the worn cone head cannot balance in conformity with the requirements. Or the cone head was broken. Solve manner: remove the old cone head , and replace a new one .

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