Construction waste mobile crushing station

Construction waste mobile crushing station

All the equipment of the jaw mobile crushing station are all on-board, including the host equipment jaw crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, etc., with high flexibility and strong mobility, which can save a lot of infrastructure and demolition and transfer costs. The jaw mobile crushing station can crush high-strength, high-hardness, and abrasive materials, with a crushing strength of 320MP, one-time crushing to medium particle size, high production capacity, low operating costs, and suitable for various materials.

The design concept of jaw mobile crushing station fully adapts to the various conditions of mobile crushing, eliminates the obstacles to the customer’s crushing operation by the crushing site, environment, and basic configuration, and truly provides customers with simple, efficient, and low-cost crushing equipment. , Construction waste, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, water conservancy and hydropower and other materials that often require relocation operations. Users can adopt a variety of configuration forms according to the type, scale and requirements of the finished materials. Jaw mobile crushing station greatly expands the field of rough crushing operation concept.

  • First, the tire-type vehicle and dual-use design, more flexibility
  • 1.The jaw type mobile crushing station adopts a tire-type body structure design, which has mobility, a high vehicle chassis, a small turning radius, and a traction steering shaft, which can realize free transition work.

    2, dual-use design, diesel generator set can be configured to meet the needs of different customers in different working environments


  • Second. Ship-type chassis design, better stability
  • 1. The chassis of the car body is low, and the ship-shaped steel frame structure is used to make the load points of the mobile crushing station more uniform, which ensures the continuous operation stability of the mobile crushing station, and effectively avoids the risks of rollover or loosening of the mobile crushing station during work. And to avoid the mobile crushing station can not be on the road due to ultra-high, ultra-wide;

    2. The design of the hydraulic support makes the mobile crushing station more reasonable. While the frame increases the stability of the mobile station, it greatly improves the fluency of the equipment.

  • Third. Multiple units combined operation, more reasonable space layout
  • 1. The mobile crushing station integrates feeding, crushing, or crushing, screening and other functions into one. Through effective combination and orderly arrangement, the overall space layout of the mobile crushing station is more reasonable and compact, saving working space and avoiding long production lines. Excessive width.

    2. The mobile crushing station can achieve from a single application to multiple online applications to meet the maximum production needs of customers.

  • Fourth. High production capacity, low investment cost and fast payback period
  • 1. The core host adopts a jaw crusher with large output and high production efficiency. The feed size can reach 800mm and the crushing capacity is about 650t / h. It can crush high-strength, high-hardness and strong abrasive materials. The crushing strength can reach 320MP. It can be crushed to medium particle size at one time, with high capacity and low running cost, suitable for various materials.

    2. The mobile crushing station saves a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; it can be opened directly to the site and can move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface or extend with the construction site, thereby reducing certain investment costs and operating costs.

  • Fifth, support personalized customization, starting from customer needs
  • 1. The mobile crushing station has strong adaptability and flexible configuration, and can customize the process design according to the nature of the customer’s raw materials, output and finished product specifications;

    2. The design of the mobile crushing station is flexible and diversified, which can implement “one , one design, one , one solution” for different needs of different customers.

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