Copper Manufacturing Process

Copper Oxide Manufacturing Process

A method for dressing the complex copper oxide ore consisting of the copper oxide ore easy to dress and the copper oxide ore difficult to dress includes such steps as preparing multiple kinds of composite dressing chemical, floatation for the fine-particle copper oxide ore easy to dress, removing mud, forced floatation for the coarse-particle copper oxide ore difficult to dress, grinding the specially complex copper oxide ore, and forced floatation.

Copper Oxide Beneficiation Operation

Many copper sulphide mines around the world have significant copper oxide ore reserves associated with the larger primary copper sulphide deposit. The traditional techniques for processing oxide ores, either by leaching or flotation have caused many problems for these operations. Leaching requires capital expenditure to construct a dedicated plant to process oxide ore. Until recently, flotation of copper oxides would normally have been conducted in distinct campaigns to produce a copper concentrate which may not be saleable under existing contracts.

Copper Processing Machine

The raw material was received as coarse lumps. These lumps were crushed in a primary jaw crusher to 1 mm size. The product from jaw crusher was dry ground in a closed circuit disk crusher to a 0.5 mm size. After each run, the product was screened on a 0.5 mm screen using Ro-tap shaker. The +0.5 mm fraction was returned to the mill while the 0.5 mm fractions were collected to form the flotation feed.

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