Gold Processing Plant

The first link is broken after the mine blasting in order to transform big material into small material. During beneficiation process for gold, gold ore is stockpiled at the gold processing plant. It is firstly fed into a hopper with a loader, and then is conveyed by belt conveyor to jaw crusher for primary crushing and then to cone crusher for secondary crushing while lime is adrock into it to raise the pH of the ore.

Gold as a commodity currency and the role of anthropogenic forces can not destroy, as the turmoil in the world monetary system and the changing global inflation, gold in the international financial world in the field of monetary functions and its storage at home and abroad still means functions play a role.The development of the national gold reserves need gold mining, gold market will always have a space for the glittering gold.SBM has focused on gold processing for many years, according to customer requirements to design the most appropriate gold ore crushing production line.If you have any qustion about gold benefication equipment,please feel free to contact us.

70 years ago, gold production in its initial stage of development, except for a few mines began using cyanidation gold extraction process, the gold mines on the property is mainly resulting from the re-election of the natural placer gold ore smelting and amalgamation method mentioned Gold Process outputs of mercury ointment as raw material nearby smelting, gold amount of estate accounted for only 30% and 70% of the gold recovered by ferrous smelter.

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