Gold Stone Wet Mill For Sale

Our gold stone wet cone mill for sale is most efficient when the maximum feed size is less than 2″ and iron contamination is not a factor. These mills are sized from 2 HP to 450 HP for wet grinding and from 2 HP to 500 HP for dry grinding.

Gold Stone Wet Mill

The structure advantages of a gold stone wet cone mill are well known. The truss is the strongest type of structure. The cone mill is built on this structurally sound principle. A sphere has the greatest volume for a given surface area of any solid.

Particles of different sizes, irrespective of their specific gravity, when revolved in a cone will classify themselves with the largest pieces at the point of greatest diameter. This classifying action within the mill, which is produced by the revolving cones, portions the energy available to the work required. This lowers grinding power. Classification and circulation within the mill is the principle of operation for the conical mill.

In a typical gold stone wet cylindrical mill, it has been proven that most of the work is accomplished in only a portion of the mill cylinder length and the end corners are ineffective. We have shortened the cylinder and removed the “dead corners”. The grinding media is effective throughout the length of the mill. This fact is emphasized by observing the lining wear patterns in cylindrical and conical mills. The “dead corners” of a cylindrical mill show less wear than the center of the mill. The gold ore wet cone mill shows more even wear both in the cylinder and cones. This mill is competitively priced and will produce the same product as any cylindrical mill of the same connected horsepower for less cost per ton.

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