Granite Aggregate Crusher Machine

Granite aggregate crusher machine is widely used in many industries, these industries include mining industry, metallurgical industry, railway construction projects, water conservancy construction projects and chemical industry.

Granite aggregate crusher machine can handle material length have certain limitations, the scope of material in the length of one hundred mm to five hundred mm, the compressive strength of the equipment is very high, can reach 350 MPa, raw material after processing equipment after the crushing ratio is very large, after crushing processing of raw materials showing a cube shape, particle size is very full, fully meet the needs of the production of various products, after the processing of raw materials will be sent directly to the factory in the industry, has become the main accessory products.

The main function of the equipment is the main equipment of broken granite, granite production line has two kinds, respectively is the  type crushing equipment and crushing equipment, equipped with other equipment of the two major equipment production line can be formed.

The principle of the equipment is relatively simple, mainly to the huge impact on raw materials, raw materials from the feed inlet to the hammer interval in this area, equipment will be tremendous impact of the impact of these materials will directly impact to the counter device, counter device in the device on wheels, the refraction of raw materials directly in the liner, eventually rebound hammer area, also by the huge impact from the counter force, raw materials into small chunks, and in the range constantly broken broken. Granite aggregate crusher machine price is very reasonable, in the range of people can bear, the raw material will be broken after the corresponding particle size, and then from the equipment under the discharge equipment.

Granite aggregate crusher machine can be multiple cavity feed crushing, crushing materials handling equipment is very uniform, very suitable for processing high hardness of rock, the rock is broken into rock debris. This new equipment inlet area is very large, the inlet is low, convenient for people to set up the production line, also can increase the feeding equipment with hydraulic diameter, opening mode, maintenance is very convenient, the operator can automatically repair the vulnerable part.

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