Granite Crushing Production Line

Granite is a kind of igneous rock, whose main component is feldspar and quartz. The granite crushing production line is a kind of stone production line, which is based on the hardness and wear resistance of granite, which has high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Due to different users, the demand for production and processing of granite are different, so the production line equipment needed is not the same, the user should choose according to their actual needs in the purchase of equipment, because only the right to create more value for its production.
The granite production process is as follows: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen and finished stone.

Granite production line equipment

1. jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is crushing the ideal equipment for the first granite, the device has high crushing ratio, strong processing capability, simple operation and other characteristics, it can not only on the granite well broken material, but also on the limestone and Xuan Wuyan compressive strength less than 320 MPa for efficient crushing, can greatly satisfy the people of different material crushing.

2. cone crusher

Cone crusher crushing equipment is a key equipment of energy saving and high efficiency, it is also the realization of the two crushing granite, which not only can be adjusted to the size of material according to customer demand, and make up the components and the difficult problem of the users in the process of disassembly and installation more convenient and quick that saves a lot of time for user production.

3. vibration feeder

The vibrating feeder is very important for all equipment in the production line, it can send massive, granular materials from the storage bin in the timing, quantitative to the feeding device, in the granite production line for feeding crusher is continuous and uniform, but also has the screening effect, the unqualified materials screening out, and return to the previous step was broken again, then pass into the next procedure.

4. vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is under the action of vibration, vibration can be achieved through the screening of broken granite, granite can effectively remove impurities, increase its screening efficiency.

5. belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is an important bridge connecting all the equipment at the same time, it can be the material conveying uniform and effective, the production line is continuous and normal operation, the device also has the transport distance, transport capacity, easy steering characteristics, in other production lines can also play its role.

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