Granite Mobile Crushing Plant

The main component of granite is feldspar and quartz, which leads to the high hardness of granite. With even structure and beautiful color, granite is a kind of high quality construction materials. Because of its high hardness and wear-resistance, granite not only can be used for building decoration and floor but also considered as the ideal material for open-pit sculpture.

Granite  Mobile Crushing Plant

Compared with fixed granite crushing plant, the mobile crushing plant has many advantages. Firstly, mobile crushing plant is designed to adopt various crushing conditions, eliminate obstacles caused by location, environment, and foundation configuration. Secondly, mobile crushing plant does not need to build base or any infrastructure, which greatly reduces the investment capital for the customer. Thirdly, mobile crushing plant has excellent flexibility. It can directly crush the granite on site without transporting the granite for off-site crushing, which effectively reduces the transport cost.

In the mobile crushing plant for granite, we need primary crusher, secondary crusher and some auxiliary equipment to form a complete crushing plant. Because granite has high hardness, so we suggest jaw crusher as the primary crusher and cone crusher as the secondary crusher. Besides crushers, we also need vibrating screen, belt conveyor, feeder in this plant. The whole working process is: raw granite- feeder-jaw crusher- cone crusher-vibrating screen- granite particles.

Granite Mobile Crusher For Sale

Besides the above granite mobile crushing plant, SBM also provides mobile jaw crusher and mobile cone crusher for granite processing. In mobile jaw crusher plant, jaw crusher is the core equipment and cone crusher is the core equipment in mobile cone crusher plant. The crushers in the mobile crushing plant is not fixed, it can be changed according to different requirements of the customers. And the crushing plant can also be customized to meet the demands of the customers.

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