Graphite Processing Plant

Graphite Mining Equipment

Graphite extraction is according to the degree of weathering of the ore rock and the proximity of the ore to the surface. Graphite is generally mined by two techniques: the open pit quarrying and the underground method. Natural graphite is classified into flake or microcrystalline graphite, macrocrystalline graphite, and vein or lump graphite based on its underlying physical and chemical properties. Flake graphite and macrocrystalline graphite are mined open pit and underground, whereas lump graphite, sourced by Sri Lanka, is only mined underground.

Graphite Processing Operation

The great majority of world flake graphite production is crushed and ground and then beneficiated by flotation. Processing graphite by flotation generally requires a series of flotation cells to get high grade concentrate.

In the milling process, the incoming graphite products and concentrates can be ground before being classified (sized or screened), with the coarser flake size fractions (below 8 mesh, 8-20 mesh, 20-50 mesh) carefully preserved, and then the carbon contents are determined. Air classification using winnowers is also used to capture coarser flake and increase the head grade of feed to be subsequently concentrated.

Graphite Processing Plant

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