How does the sand making machine metal escape the rusting doom?

Sand making machines such as sand making machine, sanding machines, crushers, etc. are all made of pure metal, and are naturally destined to escape the rust. Some parts of the sand making machine are used for a long time or exposed to harsh environments for a long time, and rust will inevitably occur. The natural wear of the sand making machine is also a booster that accelerates its rust. How to prevent the sand machine from rusting SBM for you.

The new sand making machine equipment produced by our SBM has undergone a strict anti-corrosion process before leaving the factory, especially in the case of damaged parts and rust-prone areas, and it has undergone special anti-rust treatment. After the equipment is organized, we will first remove the oxide layer from the sand making machine, and then process the underlying protective lacquer and topcoat. Our sand making equipments all use the appearance of automotive technology for sandblasting and rust removal and painting. The paints used in all our sand making machines are advanced foreign high-efficiency anti-corrosive paints, and their anti-rust effect is several times higher than ordinary protective paints. In addition, our sand machine wearing parts are made of international advanced wear-resistant alloy, and the wear resistance is first-class.

During the operation of the daily sand making machine, the wear amount of the observation window and the valve is relatively large, so special attention should be paid to the anti-rust treatment and protection of these places during the use. Commonly used rust removal methods for sand making machines include: small air or electric rust removal, high pressure water abrasive rust removal, chemical rust removal, and anti-oxidation paint. SBM Tips: In addition to the maintenance of the sand machine, the external maintenance of the sand making equipment can not be ignored. For more sand blasting methods, please call us.

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