How to choose a crusher

How to choose a crusher

With the development of the national economy, the infrastructure construction such as urban construction and railway roads is heating up, and the development of mining industry is becoming more and more mature. The types and models of crushing equipment derived from this are becoming more and more abundant. There are many kinds of mineral processing equipment, so how to choose suitable for yourself What about the broken equipment? The following SBM Heavy Industry will tell you how to choose the Stone Crusher correctly:

First, the nature of the material

Different kinds of materials have different hardness, humidity and viscosity. Generally speaking, the harder the hardness is, the harder it is to break. For the stone with higher hardness, such as granite and basalt, the jaw crusher with strong crushing ability is needed. Smaller, brittle ore, such as shale, can be used in crushing equipment such as cone crushers or impact crushers for medium or soft stone.

Second, production needs

The production demand mainly includes equipment feeding and discharge granularity, hourly production capacity and floor space. Different crushing equipments have different sizes and production capacities. According to the production scale of the production line and on-site production conditions, the crushing equipment can be reasonably purchased and broken according to the demand. device.


Third, the finished product requirements

According to the size of the crushed stone, choose the appropriate crusher. If the size of the stone is large, you can use the jaw crusher for the first time. When the stone size is strict and requires a certain grade of stone, it will be matched with other crushing equipment. The cone crusher or the impact crusher performs secondary crushing.

Fourth, choose the right manufacturer

It is very important to choose the crusher manufacturers. The manufacturers in the market are uneven. It is necessary to choose manufacturers with good quality, good service and after-sales guarantee. The strength of the manufacturer is the premise of product quality, and the factory can be inspected. The user site is the most convincing. The after-sales service of the manufacturer is also very important, and professional manufacturers can provide quick solutions to customer feedback.

The above is the method of selecting four types of crushers introduced by SBM Heavy Industry. If you have other questions, please call or consult online.

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