How To Choose A Jaw Crusher?

Jaw crusher machine is the important mineral ore processing machine for stone mining plant and other industries. There are lots of manufacturers on the market and it is not easy to choose a suitable one. Before you select the jaw crusher, you have to learn the following knowledge and these detail questions will help you have a right choice.

The labyrinth seal, casting and welding parts are the important factors in jaw crusher machine. Learning this knowledge is very helpful for your jaw crusher machine successfully working and operation.

Labyrinth Seal

Labyrinth seal refers to:there are many winding tiny rooms (just like labyrinth) between rotating parts and the fixed parts. They will let the oil leakage or decrease. From the machine working picture, this labyrinth seal adopts the spiral flow channel and it will increase the channel working length. When the leakage oil is flowing out, under the friction function, the flowing speed will reduce and the leakage amount will decrease.

The Comparison of the Casting and Welding

Casting part is that you can get the metal molding objects through all kinds of casting methods. It will put the melting liquid metal into the preparation molding type through casting, injection, inhaled or other casting method. After cooling, it will get the desired shape, size and performance molding parts through shaking out, cleaning and after treatment.

The welding technology is under the high temperature or high pressure condition. With the welding material (welding rod or welding wire), you can put two pieces or over two pieces of raw materials connected into a whole unit. These raw materials parts are for welding.

When you learn these two kinds technology, it will be very helpful for you to choose the suitable machine based on the parts connecting technology. These technologies will decide the jaw crusher machine working service lifetime and the durability characteristic.

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