How to control the dust of the sand making machine effectively

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How to control the dust of the sand making machine effectively

Due to the working principle and nature of the sand making machine, we know that in the daily work, the dust generated by the sand making machine is inevitable. The generation of large amounts of dust not only destroys the ecological environment at the local production site, but also has an impact on the health of staff who work on the site for a long time. Furthermore, once too much dust accumulates, the working efficiency of the equipment will be greatly reduced, and it will intensify. The internal parts of the equipment are worn. Therefore, dust control of the sand making machine is particularly important. Although we can’t completely cure the dust, we can minimize the generation of dust. So how to effectively control the sand machine dust?

    • First, control the source of dust to minimize the amount of dust generated.

Only the effective control of dust sources can fundamentally reduce the problem of dust pollution. The methods are divided into two types. Dust collection is the first point. The feed inlet and discharge port are the origins of dust. Two effective seals are installed and then the fan is installed to perform dust extraction. This can be used to control the diffusion of dust on the dust source. It is also a relatively effective method. The second is to improve the production process of the sand production line. When the sand making equipment or the crushing equipment is in operation, appropriate improvements are made to the production process. For example, when a multi-layer screen is used in the screening process, the materials processed in more than one process will be more pure and the amount of dust will be reduced. The pollution produced will also be reduced. At the same time, it can also reduce dust damage to mechanical equipment components.

    • Second, do an effective treatment of dust diffusion.

If dust is not controlled from the source of the sand making equipment, how can it prevent dust from spreading? Which can be divided into two specific points, the first is to reduce the speed of material discharge. After the material is processed by the sand making machine, it is discharged from the discharge port. The action of the force will cause the dust to rapidly diffuse into the air. If the flow rate of the material can be properly reduced, dust can be prevented from spreading too quickly. However, the drawback is that the slower discharge speed is directly related to the production efficiency. The second point is watering. Sprinkling has become a daily task in major cities, especially in areas with large people flow. Watering can be used to improve the quality of the environment. Dust, dust and other substances will be dissolved in water, and often sprinkled water on the sand production line and surrounding areas, can also effectively reduce dust flying. The production and production of modern industrial machinery will bring about certain degree of pollution, but because of this, various production companies must even work hard to change the production status and implement green sand making. Dust generation during the sand making process is unavoidable, but it can be reduced to a certain extent.


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